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The Linden Homes Photo Thread

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Ok here we go. If the greenhouse wasn't empty, the garden would be almost finished. I only take 1 picture inside, I spent most time and LI in the garden.  

After days and days of tweaking, I think I’m finally done with my Victorian (maybe). I am so happy!    

Hello everyone   This is my first time posting in the forum, but I've been a member of SL since 2010. However, I took a loooong break - from around beginning of 2012 to around mid last year. I ca

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Just now, Atina0 said:



happy with my entrance so far  ,it struck me this morning that singularity is showing we colors firestorm never did  

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I visited Elena's spring place today, It felt so serene; loved looking at every lovely little details:








I'm a little big to sit on these chairs but I sat on it anyway, I hope it did not bend : b


 Thank you Elena for this beauty ❤️

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1 hour ago, Coby Foden said:

Surfing beach in Bellisseria with surfboard rezzes. This will be pretty cool when the landscaping and houses nearby have been completed.


OMG I'm so happy!  And does it have a small self-rez square for people with their own boards?

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43 minutes ago, Devin Heartsong said:

OMG I'm so happy!  And does it have a small self-rez square for people with their own boards?

It did not when I checked it out a couple of weeks ago, but maybe the moles have added or will add one.  I had to in paddle from 3 regions away.  

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8 hours ago, Nando Yip said:

The Chalet



Another great creation by the great Nando. I had that fence/gate set too, and I never thought of using it in the chalets, it goes really well with the theme.

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FWIW, I just tried out the new surf beach (scroll up a bit), and it's FANTASTIC. Several wave generators with LONG runs, nice frequency, extremely low lag. The waves themselves are excellent. And they've got board rezzers for all the best boards, including my favorite, the X-3. And if you have your own boards, there's a rez zone just a short walk up the beach to the west at the top left of the same region.

FWIW, the X-3 can seat two people and the passenger is involved in the paddling animations in a cute way. It's a very newbie-friendly board and has some nice tricks and excellent (but not janky) maneuverability. If you've never surfed in SL, I recommend trying that board rezzer first!

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