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The Linden Homes Photo Thread

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13 hours ago, Marianne Little said:

No, and the windows there has a crap LOD. This is the house I wish I had not abandoned, and it is a mole ferry from the lighthouse to the Fairgrounds (Not visible in the picture). I took the ferry and almost shrieked. It looked awful from a distance. I put it away and try to forget it. 😱

So you don't want it. It is a proof of the difference between happy amateur and professional.

I was so envious of your concept that I went and built my own version. I hope you do no mind me using yours as inspiration? It's an amazing idea!

Surveying the KingdomVictorian Towers :-)


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Ok here we go. If the greenhouse wasn't empty, the garden would be almost finished. I only take 1 picture inside, I spent most time and LI in the garden.  

After days and days of tweaking, I think I’m finally done with my Victorian (maybe). I am so happy!    

Hello everyone   This is my first time posting in the forum, but I've been a member of SL since 2010. However, I took a loooong break - from around beginning of 2012 to around mid last year. I ca

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On 4/16/2019 at 9:28 PM, Marianne Little said:

Ok here we go. If the greenhouse wasn't empty, the garden would be almost finished.

I only take 1 picture inside, I spent most time and LI in the garden.







On 4/16/2019 at 9:56 PM, Marianne Little said:

Are all the houseboats taken?!

What kitchen is this? This kitchen looks great... great job!


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5 hours ago, leilee27 said:


What kitchen is this? This kitchen looks great... great job!


Oh my, that brings back memories. ❤️ It is my first Bellisseria home, and my first attempt to decorate. I am not sure if I was the first, but I must have been one of the first to use the Roost Palm View Kitchen. It is very low li, but it is not a true modular kitchen and not meant to be set up like this. It is no room for the dishwasher, so I placed the shortest kitchen part with cupboard and upper cabinets where the dishwasher is. I selected the cupboard texture only and set it to 100% transparent. I could then place the dishwasher there, and it fits.

It is no animations in this kitchen. I have elsewhere talked about how I took out Maya's kitchen animations with other kitchens. But I do not think I had come this far in these pictures. So it is a kitchen to look at, not interact with.

The Palm View kitchen has a transparent back, so it looks strange from the outside, unless you pull down the blinds for the window on that wall.

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On 5/18/2020 at 12:44 AM, Mercedes Avon said:

I was so envious of your concept that I went and built my own version. I hope you do no mind me using yours as inspiration? It's an amazing idea!

Surveying the KingdomVictorian Towers :-)


If I had 1 L each time I was inspired by others, I would have a full purse by now. 😄 I like to look at what others have made and make my own twist on it - as you do! ❤️❤️❤️

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On 4/16/2020 at 2:08 PM, KatHeartsong Kaos said:

I cannot clearly decide between the Overlook or the Grand View as my fav. log home. The Overlook is stunning & has just the right lay out & number of rooms so it wins for now, but one can do sooo much with a Grand View and being able to turn it to get a better view is genius. ❤️ the Log Home release.




may i ask what fireplace this is, its cute! 

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Evening Star houseboat on Pier Pressure moored in a square parcel with lovely quiet neighbors, views across the bay, and thanks to someone who dropped this back into pool two weeks ago. Swimming pool deck and gazebo for just watching the tide come in.




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16 hours ago, Laurelrose Anthony said:

Wonderful job!

Love the bathroom sink and the bed.  May I ask where they were acquired?

Bathroom sink is from a Maya's bathroom set. Did you mean bathtub or actual bed? Sorry, I wasn't certain. The bathtub is from PrimPossible. The bed is an old one from LAQ.

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On 5/10/2020 at 5:15 PM, Loretta String said:

Decorating the Overlook for the 3rd time but in a different style was fun !






There are many RL and SL furniture, furniture that you also like is hard to find ... I see something in your picture that I like! Please be kind enough to tell me what this chest of drawers is, what it's called, and where you got it from ... is it copy? Would be practical in terms of furnishing ideas that go through my mind .... Greetings from Evard - North Bellisseria
811 Lord Resident


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Today was a lovely day to take my scooter for a long ride in the hills of Bellisseria.  I double checked the battery and the tire pressure, then packed a light lunch and took off. The sun was bright and there was a gentle breeze blowing as I went north over the Century bridge, headed from South Bellisseria into the hills.


You may remember the last time I took a trip through here.  It wasn't that long ago, after all. When I crossed the bridge then, I turned right and wandered east along the main road in Century.  This time I had a different goal in mind, so I turned left and headed for the west end of the mid-continent hills. 

This end of Century is just as pretty as the part I visited last time.  It's a quiet suburban village, nestled between the hills on one side and the Central Canal, to the south, on the other.  There are lots of well-kept homes with walled gardens and tall, stately trees.


The road around the hills turns north in Caladium, not too far from the Century bridge. It's a gentle, continuous climb, but nothing that my powerful scooter can't handle. It whirred right along, making good time. In no time at all, I was looking back over rooftops and well up in the hills.


The road gets a lot steeper in Sawtooth, and there are a couple of twists as it heads into the hills themselves.  The scenery along here is beautiful.  I love the hills anyway, but this stretch of road is more impressive than most. My scooter purred right along. I waved to a couple of hikers as I rounded the east end of the range and headed into Gnorfwood.


A little word about Gnorfwood ...  I am told that the word "Gnorfwood" has a silent "g" at the start, so if you have been pronouncing it as GUH-norf-wood, you're doing it all wrong. It's just NORF-wood. Trivial, perhaps, but these things do make a difference if you don't want to sound like an idiot when you talk to the locals. I don't know what gnorfwood looks like, by the way.  I was looking all over for a roadside park where there might be a labeled specimen, but had no luck. I think it's a sort of scruffy, low ornamental tree, or maybe a shrub.

Enough of that. The community of Gnorfwood is quite hilly, as you can see from these photos. It was fun to zip up and down the rolling roadway and feel the wind in my hair. 


I was surprised to see how many people in this part of Bellisseria leave their front doors wide open.  I guess that's life in the hill country.  People are more trusting than in some other places.  Well, to a point, anyway.  I stopped at one pretty house and was headed up to the door when I was greeted by a large, eager setter who discouraged me from going farther. I guess you can leave your house open if you have a dog like that around.


The road eastward leads before long to the pass in Shallow Springs where the main north-south auto road and the rail line both cut through to the south.  This is a major route, connecting the northern and southern regions of Bellisseria, so there's a lot of traffic through here on a busy day.  If I had turned right at this spot, the road would have led me almost back to the Century bridge again, but that's not what I had planned. I sat for while on a bench by the Shallow Springs rail depot and watched travelers passing by. 

There's an easy trail to the top of the ridge right behind the depot. I didn't want to leave the scooter unattended while hiking up today, but I have been up there before. If you come here yourself, I recommend it as a great spot to take photos.


As you cross the rail line and head farther east, the hills become much grander.  I've reported on a couple of trips through them this past year, with particular attention to Mole National Park, which has a network of hiking trails and lookout points, as well as some gorgeous places to swim, if you have that sort of thing in mind.  I was traveling light today, though, and hadn't dressed for anything athletic.

In Peace Canyon, which is just east of Shallow Springs, those trails are gentle enough that you can take a light vehicle off road to explore.  That's what I did, as you see in these photos.  My scooter has a strong electric motor and wide, cushioned tires, so it is well-suited for this kind of ATV traveling. If I had worn proper hiking boots instead of those heels, though, I would have had no trouble walking up either.


One nice thing about riding up, of course, is that I don't have to carry a lot of stuff on my back and my don't get all sweaty and dusty on the way.  It's a lazy way to explore, but it leaves me with a lot more energy to enjoy all the little lakes and knolls.  I spent a long time rolling through the high land, rediscovering places where I had visited before and finding others that I had missed.  

Here's where I finally stopped. I've been to this small pond in Peace Canyon before.  It was a quiet, secluded place to kick off my shoes, eat my lunch, and listen to the birds. Some days are meant for rugged adventure.  Others, like today, are made for splashing my feet in a cool pond and just .... being there.

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On 5/22/2020 at 11:03 AM, 811Lord said:

There are many RL and SL furniture, furniture that you also like is hard to find ... I see something in your picture that I like! Please be kind enough to tell me what this chest of drawers is, what it's called, and where you got it from ... is it copy? Would be practical in terms of furnishing ideas that go through my mind .... Greetings from Evard - North Bellisseria
811 Lord Resident




So sorry but I just saw your question !

This is from the Loft, and it's copy/mod. You can only buy it at their Mainstore which is here : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LoftAria II/134/4/34

Once there you can try an area search for : Loft & Aria - Landon Credenza  :)


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I know it hasn't even been two months since my horse and I visited Snooker to look at the new log homes, but he was really eager to go back again. That was his only trip into East Bellisseria, and we hardly got a chance to see much of it that day. For my part, I was disappointed that we never found a good swimming hole on that first trip, so it didn't take much to persuade me to take another one.  I keep adding more good swimming holes to my list all the time, and searching for them is always a good excuse for exploring. Yesterday afternoon, then, I tossed a few snacks for both of us into my backpack and we took off.


Snooker hasn't changed much since early April.  It's still beautiful hilly country with lots of winding roads. Homeowners have planted many more gardens and a few ambitious people have added sheds, decks, swimming pools, and privacy fences. Still, we recognized the place easily.


Last time we were here, I headed east into Filbert and Jerife Blando -- no, I still don't know who that "Gentle Sheriff" was -- and ended up looking at the mountains east of Dhingle. This time, we headed southwest.  There was only the gentlest breeze, but the air was still cool and pleasant as we wandered along.  My horse perked up right away as we passed row after row of orange flowers.  We crossed a short bridge across a small pond and he seemed very pleased indeed. 


I don't know what the fascination is.  He doesn't seem to want to eat the flowers.  He just takes deep horsey breaths, closes his eyes, and does a little quiver as if he is on some sort of a high. I have to be patient when he wants to stop and sniff, or he starts to get huffy and hard to handle.


As we passed into Solsbury Hill, I wanted to get a view from the ridge that's parallel to the road (the Solsbury Hill, in fact).  It's not much of a ridge, as it turns out, but you can get a nice view anyway. If you walk up it, you'll find a little grassy spot with a bench where you can rest and listen to the birds. As far as I can see, there are no ponds or lakes in the area, but we really only saw the southeast corner of the region. 


We came down off the ridge and followed the road into Southbury. I like traveling on these dirt roads much more than on the paved streets in much of Bellisseria, and they are certainly easier on my horse's hooves.  The roads aren't marked, though, so I tend to head cross-country sometimes to get to high ground where I can get my bearings. 


The ridge in Southbury is higher than Solsbury Hill, and has fewer trees on top.  My horse was pleased to see that it is also grassy and wide all the way to the top.  He doesn't mind heights necessarily, but rocky ground on narrow slopes makes him a little nervous.  I can't blame him. 

From the top, I could see a couple of lovely small lakes to the south -- very picturesque, but also very surrounded by private homes.  I decided to take a closer look.


In fact, they are pretty lakes and the houses are not as close as I thought, but the water is not exactly secluded either. There are roads running all through the area, and I have a feeling that there's nowhere I could swim without attracting attention. If you're looking for family-friendly areas, though, these look promising.


Isn't this a nice area?  We wandered around for quite a while, admiring the stone walls and planting along the roads.  People in Southbury do a wonderful job of keeping the region attractive and welcoming.  If I were looking for a pretty, friendly-looking place to own a home, I'd look seriously at this region.


West of Southbury is Far Far Away. The name reminds me of another region in a distant part of the world, but I can't put my finger on it.  It's been too long, and I have seen way too many places.

My horse started reminding me that it was getting on and we hadn't stopped for a snack. He was also getting increasingly distracted by daffodils along the roadside, so it was clear that we'd have to agree to stop somewhere soon.


Rather than wander much in Far Far Away, I stayed on the main road and headed into Yancey, where I had been told there was a large park.  It's not just a park, as I discovered.  It's a very large lake, right in the middle of the region.  My horse sensed it even before we got to the turn in the road that lead to the dock at lakeside. 

This is a scenic spot, just the sort of place to launch a small sailboat or maybe have a canoe out to go fishing.  I was surprised to see only one dock around the shore, but then realized that there's only one place where a road comes right to the water.  There's public land all the way around, but this is the only place where you can reach the lake by road. Getting to the lake from any other side would mean cutting through private property or looking for narrow paths through the bushes.  That's fine if you are on a horse or on foot, but not if you are dragging a boat behind you.

Anyway, I wasn't looking to launch a canoe, just a place to relax.  I dismounted, fed my horse a few carrots and ate a granola bar myself while I surveyed the area.  This wasn't exactly the sort of swimming spot I was hoping for -- not very secluded -- but it was certainly inviting and worth adding to the list. I decided to give it a try.


I usually toss a bikini into the pack just to be prepared in case I end up in a public spot.  I told the horse that he was free to graze nearby, then changed behind a convenient bush and headed for the water. I'm glad I did.  It's a fine place to swim. This is not a small mountain pond like so many of the others I have found in Bellisseria, but it's a wonderful, clean place and relatively quiet despite the nearby homes.

If you come here yourself, be prepared for chilly water.  The lake isn't deep but I think it's spring-fed.  It's a bit of a shock to dive in. By mid-afternoon, though, the rocks soak up enough sun to be comfortably warm to sit on. Bring a blanket or something, though.  They are hard. 

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On 5/15/2020 at 9:44 AM, LittleTatiana said:

I need to get my butt in these forums more! Here are some photo's of my home! I love to decorate so this could change soon if I decide to swap the house for one of the others. I love that we have the option to pick one of four houses! Also, you'll notice in my kitchen I've put down an extra wall to block off the dining room. I did this to relieve some prims and allow me to make the rest of the home a little more decorated then it would have been otherwise. (Part Two)



OMG, I love that half moon made from log slices! May I ask where it's from? TY

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2 hours ago, Cane Sutter said:


OMG, I love that half moon made from log slices! May I ask where it's from? TY

Floorplan & Brocante, I believe  (it's the focal point of one of my log home living rooms too...,)  really beautiful decorating,  LittleTatiana

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