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The Linden Homes Photo Thread

Patch Linden

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15 hours ago, Nika Talaj said:

I have a peripatetic noob alt now, that I use to do a round of scouting every morning, just to see what the moles are up to.  So, watching the map so closely, I noticed something quite a while ago that I don't think anyone has commented on.  And altho the map is not beautiful, I'm going to post about it here, in this thread which is all about the beauties of the Belli LHs, because I think what they've done with the design of this continent is so pleasingly whimsical.

We refer to the area below the river boundary as South Belli, or VictoriBelle, etc.  But what I see -- and once you see it you can't unsee it! -- is a baby Belli dragon.

(apologies, I have no idea why the text is so blurry, doesn't look blurry on the jpeg)




That part you hesitate to speculate on...

How about, "Protruding belly button!" From this (profile) view it reminds me of a baby's ultrasound, sooooo...

It's a newborn baby dragon!

(And you're right, cannot be unseen XD)

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On 2/20/2020 at 2:08 PM, Rolig Loon said:

I've been avoiding going to see what's in Mermaid Frolic. I know it's irrational, but the name brings up an image of an amusement park or a resort where mermaids are supposed to hang out and pretend to have fun. I'm just not a resort kind of mermaid.  Still, I finally decided that I wasn't being fair.  Today I went to take a look and I was surprised.


It's really kind of nice.  It's a shallow inlet. hardly big enough for a poker game, and it's very quiet. You can just lie there and enjoy the warm water and listen to the otters or whatever that are quarreling in the bushes.  (Really.  There are otters or weasels or something there.  Go listen for yourself.)


After a while, I thought maybe it was OK to frolic a little, so I tried.  It took a while to get into the mood, but I can still remember how, so I guess this place isn't so bad after all.


The coast to the north of Mermaid Frolic is quite sandy and gentle.  I swam up that way as far as Clean Air and Knebworth, watching out for small boats along the way. These are the sorts of places where land-dwellers like to sail out of nowhere in speedboats, so you can't be too careful.


I went into the cove at Knebworth, which is a lovely spot.  There are huge Victorian homes on the hillsides and some attractive marshy spots with water lilies.  I have always liked water lilies.  They smell wonderful, and they are fun to hide under. When I was a kid, we used to play hide-and-go seek, and those lily pads were always my favorite hiding spots.


Knebworth's cove is not far from the houseboat community on Retrograde, which is on the reefs to the east.  Since I was right there anyway, I decided to take a short swim to investigate.  Mostly, it's houseboats --- pretty, colorful ones -- one after another.  Lots of houseboats.  And piers.


I don't know why, but people who live in houseboats almost never think to look under the piers. It's lovely cool under there, and safe. I have been around piers all over Bellisseria and have never seen anyone but another mermaid under one.  Go figure.


Here's the view back from Retrograde toward Knebworth cove. Despite my earlier concern, I didn't see a single speedboat on the water today, or a sailboat either.  I frolicked alone out there and loved it.  Frolicking could get to be a habit.

I had a little time left in the day, so I decided to poke around the peninsula of Wuthering Downs, just north of Retrograde.  There's a network of channels through there. I didn't have time to explore them all, but I was attracted by the bridges over the main channel, so I went that way.


Houses come right down to the channel through here. They have huge overhanging willow trees and well-kept gardens.  They must be great places to live, if you like being indoors.


And look! More water lilies.  There are patches of them all along the channel, both the normal, "plain vanilla" white variety and ...


... these beautiful lavender-colored ones.  These ones are quite rare, at least I have hardly ever seen them, and they smell heavenly.  I wonder if land-dwellers pay as much attention to plants out on the water as they do to all of the roses and other flowers in their gardens?  If not, they are missing something.


Here's the east end of the main channel, where it opens to the sea at Highmarket.  This was a good place to stop for the day. The sun was starting to go down and I had been out longer than I planned.  I'll have to come back again to explore the other channels through here later.  I understand that there's a small island not far to the north that might be fun to visit, and maybe I'll find more water lilies.  I might even frolic a bit more. Who knows?

I had a mermaid come to visit, and I wasn’t there! I would have loved to join you for a swim!

I do have to say that as one of those land dwellers in Wuthering Downs, I absolutely adore the water lilies. And now you’re making me think I should attempt a little underwater gardening for future swimmers to discover 😊 

Oh, and if I haven’t mentioned it before, I love your Belli travellogues and always look out for them. Keep up the great work! 👍

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Now that I have had some time to put some plants, walkways, shutters and a chimney in, here are the some pictures! I picked this up by chance late last night around 11PM SLT. Nice corner lot in Morgall, steps away from the beach. My first Linden home, I think I got lucky. Those last two are a view from the upper floor, and a view from the beach to show proximity. 







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This was a lovely afternoon for a long walk. Like many people in South Bellisseria, I like to get out and wander. There's so much to see!
I have spent time on the south and east coasts recently, so I felt it was time to see what's in the west. Bertram sounded like a good solid place to start. England had a king in the last century whose given name was Bertie, and then there was Bertie Wooster ....


It turns out that Bertram is a nice, quiet coastal community, out on a knob of land that juts into the sea just south of the bay at Giant Squid. In fact, that's the bay there, with the beaches of Giant Squid in the foreground and the Abrus peninsula to the north of it. My plan was to take a roundabout route and end up somewhere over there.

I was already close to the border with Fjord, the next region to the east, so I headed off at a good pace.


Like so many communities in South Bellisseria, Fjord has a large semi-formal park at its center, with a colonnaded pool and large grassy areas -- ideal for strolling around in. Some of the trees here are absolutely immense, quite in keeping with the size of the homes that face onto the park.


Some of those homes have very imposing entryways, like this one. I suspect that there's a fair amount of prestige in owning one of these. The owners clearly spare no expense in keeping up their gardens and lawns. There's not a speck out of place.


You can see a bit of that colonnaded pool behind me here and can get a sense for the size of the huge willows. I'd say offhand that the park takes up about a  quarter of the land area in this region, but I may be wrong.


I'm not sure what purpose this bit of fence serves, other than to keep dogs from racing through here and, I suppose, providing a little separation between the seating area and any carriages that may be stopped in the roadway to let passengers alight. I would hate to stumble and impale myself on those spikes.  They're a little intimidating.

From Fjord, I turned north into Poinsetta, which has one of those tall spire monuments with a maze at its base. I get very self-conscious about navigating my way into those places, so it's a good thing that there was no one around to watch me try this one.


The trick, of course, is finding the right place to enter.  I wish I had a pet canary to fly over and tell me where to start. As it was, I spent way too long trying one entry after another until I finally hit the right one.  From there, it was simple to get to the fountain at the base of the monument.  And then back out again.  It was a minor triumph for me.


From the Poinsetta monument, I followed roads back toward the shore again.  That long, beautiful beach at Giant Squid, which I saw from Bertram, is even more impressive up close. There's a wide swath of gentle sandy beach, broken up here and there by low trees and shrubs. 


I was tempted to kick off my shoes and walk barefoot in the sand -- and probably would have if I had been nine years old again -- but didn't.  I did sit on a rock for  a long time, though, watching the waves curl up on the beach and listening to the sound of gulls somewhere just out of view. I could spend a whole afternoon just daydreaming at a spot like that.

From Giant Squid  -- what an evocative name! It makes me think of Jules Verne and his story about 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea -- I walked north into Bloodroot.  Like Bertram at the south end of the bay, Bloodroot is a quiet picturesque village, the gateway to the Abrus peninsula.  I was getting surprisingly tired, perhaps because walking in loose sand took more energy than I thought, so I decided not to go out into Abrus itself today. 


Bloodroot has some fascinating sights.  For one, I was startled to see not one but two unicorns in the back yard of this home. I can't recall the last time I saw even one, frankly. I assume that this was a feral pair -- mother and daughter maybe? -- because they were unfenced and untethered. But where do they come from and how did they end up here?  They are lovely creatures indeed.


And then there's the coast itself. I have seen the lighthouse at Ebb Tide before, viewing it from the east in Caladium, but I think this is a more imposing view. This lighthouse guards the west end of the Great Canal that separates South Bellisseria from the rest of the continent.  It's a trusty beacon and landmark for sailors and a favorite of landscape painters and photographers. I arrived here just as the sun was starting to set, so I watched as the light burst out to begin its nightly vigil. It was quite a sight for the end of my day.

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typos. as always.
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My friend got a trailer in a region that transitions from green trailer land to a pond to beach trailer land to houseboats to the sea, all pretty much in a single region.  The parcel itself has half green and half sand.  It's very beautiful, as maybe half the circumference is surrounded by water, it's right by a bridge, across the road is a hill, and there's a second hill on the side that is actually on the parcel.  There's even a post-and-rope beach entrance.  She can't wait to decorate the interior, but the exterior is picture perfect. 468935681_SoggyShores1_007.thumb.jpg.dc26595df37b694efbd8d02f782ffc10.jpg

Note the two little islands in the pond, one with a tree, one without.  The bridge and the post-and-ropes add to the atmosphere:


And the hills provide privacy as well as spots to climb or ride bikes. 613037804_SoggyShores1_009.thumb.jpg.5ec837c487e3ae3a1f05e84a2820bf33.jpg

This is amazing.  This is the kind of parcel folks used to pay big bucks for on the Mainland, yet this is not only free but she's got an additional 512 m2 to add to our group.

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It's my day off, so I've decided to visit my old friend Grumpy Mole Bear, at Chippewa Junction. The place is amazing, really worth the visit, and so is my friend: great bear, but a bit quiet though... @Grumpy Mole: he says he has run out of cookies.





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Just now, Raspberry Crystal said:

Is that Grumpy Mole Bear Mole?

What a lovely scene, but with that expression he doesn't seem to appreciate it!

He's enjoying the view, but he's just an introvert ;)  That little area is one of my favorite ones in Belli, aside from the company of course.

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49 minutes ago, Darron Turner said:

I saw this go by in Clean Air! 

It rushed by us in Dimanche! So cool! 

I forget whose it is  ... vaguely Germanic name .... hmmmmm....... in was in the Bellisserian Coast Guard group, who knew?

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13 hours ago, LifeOfSheree said:

My brother and I live only a short distance apart from each other. I was sure I have photos of my home but alas, I will leave this Victorian era photo for now.


For a moment I thought it was an actual old photo with an inexplicably deep field of view, then I noticed the landscaping.  Nice job!

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6 minutes ago, Lukas Thetan said:

That's an amazing approach! Is driveway envy a thing, because I may have it now.

Happy 10th Sylvia!!   🎂

Thanks, Lukas! I will be sure to post a photo of the first time I drive right off the cliff on the side of the road there. 😂

ETA: Oh dear, I just realized the potential for driving through my own front door....

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22 minutes ago, Sylvia Tamalyn said:

Thanks, Lukas! I will be sure to post a photo of the first time I drive right off the cliff on the side of the road there. 😂

ETA: Oh dear, I just realized the potential for driving through my own front door....

Hahahaha Happy Rez day. My 15th rez day is in July 😳 Congrats on the beautiful plot! Driveway envy for sure! even if someone drives into your front door lol 

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12 minutes ago, Darron Turner said:

Hahahaha Happy Rez day. My 15th rez day is in July 😳 Congrats on the beautiful plot! Driveway envy for sure! even if someone drives into your front door lol 

Thanks, Darron!

My biggest worry is that *I* will drive through the front door! Too bad we can't have commercial ventures in Bellisseria, because it would be smart of me to just go ahead and set up a McDonald's drive-thru window in my living room. 

P.S. Wow, 15 years, that's awesome! :) 

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