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The Linden Homes Photo Thread

Patch Linden

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I was hanging around in the Giant Squid region because .... well, because I was looking for giant squid, but it turns out that there aren't any. Marketing will do anything to attract curious people, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Still, it was a disappointment.  


It is a pretty region, though. It has quite a stretch of sandy beach, and someone has wisely added barriers to keep shoreline currents from eroding them away.

Sad though I was about the squid, I thought it would be a shame to waste the day. I decided I might as well start swimming south to explore this new coastline. 


I like little coves like this one in Blackwell. In this part of the world, they tend to be shallow and fairly rocky, but they have lovely homes around them and some gigantic trees. They often also have small boats, but I didn't see any today.  In fact, I saw very few people on the water all the time I was out.


There's a large island In Pommade, just south of Blackwell. It's separated from the mainland by a very shallow channel. This bridge across it offers enough clearance for a small motorboat but nothing with a mast. Plenty of room for a swimmer, however.


The coast jogs in slightly at Popinjay, and is rugged for a distance. There are only a few houses as you enter the region, because the land is too steep for them. It's very attractive park land, though, with some large willows. I imagine it would be a fun place to ride a horse.


When I reached Alban Heights, I was pleased to discover another island, somewhat larger than the one in Pommade.  The channel here is wider and deeper too. From what I could tell, the houses on the island have a fantastic view of the sea.

Past Alban Heights, I found myself at the rocky point in America's Cup. (That's the Alban Heights bridge in the distance, by the way.)


The rocks here extend into a chain that continues underwater well to the west -- although not as far as the sandy island at Port Cullis.  I decided not to swim out there this time. I rested instead on one of the lower rocks, very pleased to find that it was not inhabited by seagulls, who can make a real mess and are very rude about defending their territory.

I had been swimming for many hours at this point.  The sun was going down as I got to Forsyte, which is a full region farther south along the coast. That's Lower Barensmouth just to my left in this photo and the large island at Bartlesmoor in the distance.


And here's a photo of Bartlesmoor itself.  


The channel here is both wide and deep enough for oceangoing vessels, and much too wide for a bridge -- at least no one has built one here.  Homes on the island are accessible only by boat (unless you are a mermaid  or -- ha ha -- can fly).


It was too dark to take a good photo by the time I swam around to the west side of the island, so this one will have to do, I'm afraid.  I just wanted to show you how high the homes are above the sea at this point.  If you love looking out over the ocean, these must be ideal places to live.

I'm glad I took this long swim today. Despite my initial disappointment at not finding squid, I had quite a nice adventure and got a lot of exercise.


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Merry Christmas! This Victorian just makes me happy. 

*The fountain is from Atelier Visconti. This one is A.V. Fountain Nympha, one of several I have stacked in storage.  Hope this gives you another place to shop.  Chucky Jigsaw.


Eleanor Bellessaria September 2019_003.png

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There's a new island off the east coast of Pickle Island, new enough that it isn't completely open for settlers yet.  It's open enough to explore, though, and large parts of it actually have already been settled. My horse and I took a vote and agreed that it looked like a great place to wander on a Sunday, so off we went.


We started as the sun was rising over the southeast corner of the island, in Saltmarsh. Settlers have already claimed some beautiful camping areas and houseboats here. My horse was curious about this tiny islet and its snow-covered cabin -- the only snow we saw all day -- but seemed reluctant to swim over and check it out fully. I do not understand his attitude sometimes.


Instead, we started north up the coast road, looking out across a string of barrier sand bars. As far as I can tell, the camping trailers out there are not occupied yet.  They have a wonderful view of the sea and the coastline, though, so I imagine that they will be highly prized.


The road gradually curves westward, still high above the shore, as it enters the Wood region. Here, a narrow channel slices the island in two from east to west. We looked across the channel at a lighthouse on the other side, realizing that the island was much bigger than we thought -- much too large to explore in a single day.  My horse was disappointed, but I decided that we would have to stay on the south side of the channel for now.


He perked up a bit as we followed the road into Winters Elm and found this small picnic area. He has been fascinated by fire since he first discovered it over a month ago. I think he was slightly miffed that whoever lit this one had not left marshmallows.  I was more interested in getting to higher ground, mostly to get a broader overview of the landscape but also because I continue trying to catalog quiet places to swim in Bellisseria.


As you can see, the rocky ridge at the heart of the island is covered in piney and deciduous trees, but does offer excellent overlooks. From here, I could make out some traditional homes to the northwest in Conger Reef but could not see the shore. Camping trailers are nestled all through these hills.


The view to the southwest is a bit more open.  From here, we looked past a grassy meadow and the coast road to a row of houseboat piers in Dahm Strait (lovely name!). 

There are no ponds along the ridge, as it turns out, but I'm not surprised. The ridge is narrow and rocky, so the water table in this area is much too low for water to stay long at the surface.


We came back down the south side of the ridge and joined the coast road in Dahm Strait. From there, we headed past colorful houseboats and, before long, into the cozy neighborhood of Cobbs Marina.  We spent a few minutes gazing across at houseboats moored on a small islet. The midday sun was warm enough that a short swim across would have been refreshing, but the horse once again resisted. There was no convenient place to tether him, so I had no choice but to move on. 


Cobbs Marina is a tight little community with a couple of streets and a handful of homes plus, of course, the houseboats that make it a marina.  There are a few more homes to the north, in Conger Reef, but this end of the island is not much more than a sleepy village -- very peaceful.  I decided that this was probably a good place to end the trip for today.


I found a quiet park out on the point at land's end in Conger Reef, where my horse and I could agree to stop for a while.  There was plenty of grass and shade for him -- although he seemed more interested in an abandoned lunch that he spotted -- so I took a quick look around to confirm that there was no one around to object.  And we both relaxed.


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Get the last of the yard cleaning done before the year dies...burning the leaves (bento poses and attaches with fire and particles, too fun)

See, it is not hard to derender distracting things behind for a photo :)http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fjord/180/217/33

stop by anytime, I am still decorating but at least my new year's things are on the outside, haha


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I'm actually debating on whether or not to keep this home.  It is not quite as secluded as my other one, which I do really like, but it does have some nice views, water on 2 sides, and a cute set of steps leading up to it.  Decisions, decisions....  I think I'll ponder this one for a while.



The reddish one in the middle:


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On 12/31/2019 at 5:15 PM, LittleMe Jewell said:

I spotted this fabulous decorating while out exploring near my new home -- super cute IMO.

Cute Linden Home


I love this area so much.  Tried but failed to get a traditional there with the bridges and water.  Lovely area.  As it worked out, my Hammond Park home is just a short drive away.

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On 12/31/2019 at 5:15 PM, LittleMe Jewell said:

I spotted this fabulous decorating while out exploring near my new home -- super cute IMO.

Cute Linden Home


I sent this post to the owner. We made a rezz group for friends for our mainland and Belli homes, and when he got this we felt obligated to go with the Permaglow theme as a collaborative effort. It's on the Places of Interest NC in one of the groups, so feel free to stop by... there are some fun little things inside (a lab, office, and creatures with two heads, naturally.) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Permaglow/123/51/33


Also these cute little critters:


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