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The Linden Homes Photo Thread

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35 minutes ago, RacyAcey said:

The snow is DDD Snow Piles Set - I only used the Snow Dust.  I also used the Snow in the LH content pack.

The Lights are ~AB~ Straight Xmas Lights - which come colored, you have to tint them white - which I had seen in someone else's post to do that.  I also used the lights in the LH content pack.

Thank you!:) I love the way the snow sits on top of the houseboat:)

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Ok here we go. If the greenhouse wasn't empty, the garden would be almost finished. I only take 1 picture inside, I spent most time and LI in the garden.  

After days and days of tweaking, I think I’m finally done with my Victorian (maybe). I am so happy!    

Hello everyone   This is my first time posting in the forum, but I've been a member of SL since 2010. However, I took a loooong break - from around beginning of 2012 to around mid last year. I ca

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My horse and I do a lot of travelling through the hilly regions of Bellisseria, always on the lookout for interesting little trails and, especially, for secluded ponds and lakes. You may remember that we took a day trip from Antelope Lake just before Thanksgiving that took us through beautiful countryside but ended up at a disappointingly shallow pond in Roaring Bear. I've been aching to get back to those hills ever since, because I know that there have to be better swimming holes there.  Today, I decided to start farther south, in Cowabunga.


There are indeed small ponds in the region, and they are surprisingly deep for their size, but they are hardly secluded.  These three are quite lovely, for example, but are surrounded by camping trailers.

I avoid walking through people's backyards, and I suspect that they wouldn't care for me splashing around in neighborhood pools.  And then there's the horse. He's well-behaved, but I think it makes some folks nervous to see him grazing near their shrubbery if I leave him on his own for a while.


Cowabunga is mostly woodland. There are dirt roads everywhere, but I enjoy cutting across country when I can. Besides, some of the best ponds are in places that are hard to reach by road. I had heard of pretty places in Sassfras, so we headed northeast to see for ourselves.


We reached the water tower at the far northeast corner of Cowabunga in no time, and I could see the hills in Sassafras from there. 
The hills are lovely at this time of year.  It's still warm and flowers are blooming, and I could hear bird calls from every side. My horse is particularly fond of flowers and butterflies, so we stop often to let him enjoy them.


By the time we got to the ranger cabin at the edge of Sassafras, I could tell this was going to be a rewarding day. The hills rise up on both sides of the main road through here, creating the picturesque gorge that Raspberry Crystal photographed for these pages not long ago. 


The road winds thorough the gorge, serpentine-style, with very few homes along it. Also very few bodies of water. I was truly impressed by the steep, rocky slopes, so we spent time poking around, all the way through Sassfrass . The gorge widens in Canyonball Run, where there are more homes.  We continued on, entering Leech Lake without finding water, but still eager to explore. Then on a whim, I decided to turn west to see what might lie on the other side of the hills there.  I'm glad we did.


There's a pass through the hills at the south end of Leech Lake, where the road we had been following leads back southward toward Tickle Ridge and Beaver Lagoon.  Not far along that road is a magnificent waterfall, carrying water down a steep, rocky canyon wall. Surely there was a lake up there, feeding the falls. I had to go see.


The lower slope was easy enough for my horse to manage, but the last bit was more than he could handle, so I left him to graze and scaled the rocks alone.


And here it is! This is a truly secluded spot. Getting here requires a bit of a hike from any direction, most of it over fairly rough terrain. The lake is beautiful and clear, bounded by bushes and grass most of the way around.  It's also surprisingly deep.


I'm afraid I left my horse much longer than I planned to, but the lake was marvelous and the day was gorgeous. Despite being spring-fed and deep, the water was not too chilly either. Also -- big surprise -- there were the cutest little fish there, strange green and white ones that have been spotted elsewhere in Bellisseria but never in the hills, as far as I know. 

So, success!  Today's exploration more than made up for the disappointment a few weeks ago.

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typos. as always.
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42 minutes ago, Coby Foden said:

Amazing perfect location for houseboat! Access to land where there are houses and roads, lovely open sea view.
Not squeezed between other houseboats. And square 1024 m x 1024 m parcel. ❤️  (I would stay there "forever" if I had that one.) 😃


I miss having an alt free to hunt because maybe.... who knows what could be abandoned?

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Back on November 5, shortly after the Wilderness Point region opened up for new settlers, I took a scooter trip southeast from the Castlewellan High Bridge. It's such beautiful forested country that I have been aching to get back ever since.  This time, though, I wanted to head down the west side of the main channel to see what lies between there and the southwest coast. So, I grabbed my scooter again and started off.


Before you ask, I have absolutely no idea why I thought it was a good idea to make this trip in heels.  It just seemed smart at the time.


As soon as i reached the west end of the bridge, I took a hard left and, within 100 m, found myself on a straight dirt road headed south into Spring Creek. The land is wide open here, with plenty of space for camping trailers.  Through the trees to the left, I could see that I was staying parallel to the channel that runs south from Fourze.  


Toward the south end of Spring Creek, the road crosses a lovely stream that flows down from the hills in Lilac Grove.  There are small islands and pleasant picnic areas here that I really should visit later.


The farther south I went, the sandier the soil got, and the fewer trees there were.  Here, at the edge of Pugwash, you can see how open the landscape is.  This island is a great spot for a trailer.  What a fantastic view!

I was a little uncertain about how well my scooter would handle the sand, but it turns out that it's an ideal vehicle for the terrain.  The wide tires and low center of gravity make it easy to handle even where the sand has drifted across the road in deep patches.


I'm truly impressed by the land in Crawdad Inlet, which is quite sandy and has some charming little ponds here and there.  Some are quite large -- probably fun places to float on an inflatable raft or just lie on the shore and watch the clouds go by.


In fact,  as I reached the coast, I took a bit of time to relax by the inlet and listen to the seagulls.  The sky was clear, the sun was warm, and I could have stayed for much longer, especially if I had thought to bring along a wine cooler.  Or two.


The roads in Crawdad Inlet weave among camping trailer sites and the houseboat docks that line the coast down to Sandflea and beyond. As much as I enjoy mountains and forested regions, I could easily learn to love living in this part of Bellisseria.  It's very peaceful indeed.


I had to laugh at this one home, decorated by someone with a funky Christmas spirit. The snowman is a great touch.  I wonder how he keeps it from collapsing?


So, there's the end of the dirt road, where it turns into pavement that heads north into the neighborhoods of Lilac Grove and Sorensen.  At this point, I was really regretting having worn those heels, and was ready to stop for the day. 

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I like the site I got and I got some water back and front with no house directly to front or back. There is some grass and trees leading to a river out back and the front overlooks a little hill with a bench and beyond a river and bridges.  However, with these homes I didn't care that much about water. I love the cobbled streets, the flowers, bridges, little parks etc. I love all the house styles so cannot make my mind up which to use but will start with the Hardy although I love the Doyle too. Also I am very happy I got one of the 'Jane Austin' names, Bennet :D


outlook from the back


the front (red door).

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Today's our first look at the new Victorian lands.  There's just so much to explore, it's so hard to know where to start.  Everything is so beautiful!

Like so many other Bellisseria residents, I was almost paralyzed by indecision.  I like to avoid crowds when I can, though, so I decided to take a random shot and start somewhere in the middle of the new regions .... at Lincoln Green.


There's a lovely big monument at the highest point in Lincoln Green.  As I stood next to it, I could look south and see a well-kept formal garden with a tiered fountain and a huge willow tree.  I think I would enjoy promenading around a spot like that with a friend some evening.  


I did go and walk around it for a while, admiring the flowers, and then headed east along one of the main streets. The cobblestone pavement would be rough to walk along for any distance, but the sidewalks are quite level and easy to follow.


The street leads into Blandings Haven which, like all of these regions, is full of glorious, large homes and some of the best-kept hydrangeas I have ever seen.  I couldn't resist stopping to smell them. 

The walk through Blandings Haven and into Greyfriar was very pleasant indeed. I'm impressed by the homes, of course, but my true passion is for the out-of-doors, so I was eager for a long walk. There are birds everywhere, it seems.  At least, I could hear them, probably hiding in the shrubbery.


The surprise in Greyfriar is a magnificent public garden with a colonnaded pond, complete with lily pads and absolutely gigantic bronze frog sculptures.  Spouting ones! I can imagine this as a gathering place for concerts, as well as a lovely place to ride a bicycle or just loll on the grass.


More beautiful flowers .. roses.  These are all along the way in Greyfriar.  I do envy whoever lives in these homes.

Continuing east, I walked along into Poult.  This has to be my favorite of the regions I visited today, even more than the frog pond.  I had heard many people speculating about whether we would find large bodies of water in these new regions and, I'll admit, I was a little concerned myself.  Poult set my mind at ease.



The Poult region has a lovely huge lake, with islands, arched footbridges, and loads of grass.   This is an ideal place to relax in the heart of the community.  Just look at the marsh plants and the flowering bushes.


There must be fish here.  I can't imagine a lake like this without fish.  I wonder if you can set a rowboat out on the water and go looking for them?  Maybe I'll find someone who has one...


I was very tempted to keep walking east toward regions that are closer to the coastline, but there will be other days for that.  It's not a good idea to use up all the surprises at once.  Besides, even at this time of year it's tiring to walk a great distance in a long dress.  

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Everyones loving the new Victorian homes..and the trads.. and ..im over here like ..i like the medowbrook loftrooms ..*dodges stones thrown at me* .. i will have a pic or two up soon.. i just find them to be very light and airy and not so.. boxed in... 

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2 hours ago, xBaeBeex said:

Everyones loving the new Victorian homes..and the trads.. and ..im over here like ..i like the medowbrook loftrooms ..*dodges stones thrown at me* .. i will have a pic or two up soon.. i just find them to be very light and airy and not so.. boxed in... 

There's nothing wrong with the older Linden Homes. Of course it's a bit dated.. but the Victorians original is even older!  :)  i'm pretty sure when there were old linden homes at 1024 parcels, those would be taken by residents also.

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7 hours ago, xBaeBeex said:

Everyones loving the new Victorian homes..and the trads.. and ..im over here like ..i like the medowbrook loftrooms ..*dodges stones thrown at me* .. i will have a pic or two up soon.. i just find them to be very light and airy and not so.. boxed in... 

Well I would love to see a pic of it!  Even though I really like the new LH's I have always had a quad home in meadowbrook and always loved it.  I loved all the windows and how open it was.   There have been a few posters here that have stated they want to keep their older home too so you are not alone.

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It seems a long time since we moved from our old LH houses to the new Traditional houses. Where I lived in Bellisseria San Jocoso I was in a neighborhood that was still under construction, I saw new neighbors coming, and others leaving. I had a neighbor with coffins outside the house, it was certainly not a cheerful thing, but then you get used to it. Today I didn't think I was so lucky, I moved to the new Victorian houses, and immediately I had mine and next to this lovely fountain, you see the back of my new home. I chose the Verne, it has a nice conservatory with very high and panoramic windows. For now I'm looking for how to furnish the best, slowly it will come out. It's a nice neighborhood where I now live, Mynachllwyd, quiet and without houses with coffins on the patio.

NUOVA CASA_001.png

NUOVA CASA2_001.png

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6 hours ago, karynmaria said:

Well I would love to see a pic of it!  Even though I really like the new LH's I have always had a quad home in meadowbrook and always loved it.  I loved all the windows and how open it was.   There have been a few posters here that have stated they want to keep their older home too so you are not alone.

I would love to see one of the new styles of houses be to bring updated homes similar to Meadowbrook.....I loved & still do love the Plumtree, Quad & Lofthouse.....those homes updated within the Bellisseria neighborhoods would be wonderful & most likely my favorite choice of where to live....

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