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The Linden Homes Photo Thread

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Ok here we go. If the greenhouse wasn't empty, the garden would be almost finished. I only take 1 picture inside, I spent most time and LI in the garden.  

After days and days of tweaking, I think I’m finally done with my Victorian (maybe). I am so happy!    

Hello everyone   This is my first time posting in the forum, but I've been a member of SL since 2010. However, I took a loooong break - from around beginning of 2012 to around mid last year. I ca

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Bellisseria's North Coastal Road's easternmost point is, paradoxically, in a cul-de-sac in West End. Some Linden had a sense of humor there.  The road runs westward through quiet neighborhoods in Washburn and Abiatti .  I have traveled those parts of the road before, so I decided to start today's travel at the grand roundabout in Rutherford.


It's quite a large roundabout with a clear pond in the middle. There are no ducks to feed, but there are benches to rest on.  I saw no crosswalks to it, but in the ten minutes that I sat there I never saw much traffic. Not even another scooter.

Anyway, from the roundabout, the main road hugs the rocky coast.  There are stately homes high above the road on the south side and a sheer drop to the sea on the north.


It must be exhilarating to live in one of those homes and be able to look out your front window at the sea in the morning. 

The road follows the coast faithfully from Rutherford through Leera and Ketran, with very few trees on the seaward side.


At Venber, it takes a sharp turn inland and up onto higher ground in Emerson Lake.  You have little choice but to follow it.  Houses from there to the west in Venber are perched right on the rocks overlooking the shore, so there's almost no way to wander that direction without cutting across someone's lawn.  Certainly not on a scooter.


If you keep looking for city streets that look to the west, as I did, you can find your way into Rourke and then back down to the coast again in Jacinto. 

I have to say, that's probably the prettiest part of the north coast. There's a beautiful little park by a turnout at the end of the road, full of flowering shrubs. It has a stunning view of the shore in Rourke and beyond, where houseboats are moored in the harbor.


If you are on foot or have a scooter like mine that can handle some mild off-road wandering, you can stay on the beach from there.  You'll end up on the spit that is part of the Wheelhouse breakwater at the mouth of the harbor.  It's a narrow bit of land with a relaxed, sandy beach ( and NO SEAGULLS ! ). Take off your shoes, strip down to your bikini, and enjoy.


That was the end of today's journey. This little beach can hardly be a secret but, you know, I didn't see a soul there either.  Why does everyone stay indoors when there are lovely places like this to visit in Bellisseria?

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20 hours ago, Rolig Loon said:



That was the end of today's journey. This little beach can hardly be a secret but, you know, I didn't see a soul there either.  Why does everyone stay indoors when there are lovely places like this to visit in Bellisseria?

Rolig - I really enjoy seeing your travels & pics.

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22 hours ago, Bitsy Buccaneer said:

@Nando Yip , você fez um trabalho fantástico com o seu lugar. E pufes de pedra! Estou com inveja de não ter pensado nisso. ;)  Também foi um marco, para que eu possa voltar para mais yoga nesse cenário sereno. Espero encontrá-lo no mundo algum dia, mas você sabe, fusos horários.


Loved your visit, the time zones really hinder, come whenever you want to the garden zem!

who wants to visit the garden link here:

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cape Lively/246/55/21

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On 9/5/2019 at 10:52 PM, Rolig Loon said:


It must be exhilarating to live in one of those homes and be able to look out your front window at the sea in the morning. 



Why does everyone stay indoors when there are lovely places like this to visit in Bellisseria?

You may have answered your own question at the beginning of the post 😁  With your excellent pictures and travel logs it's easy to see why staying home for the view AND leaving home for the view are both easy to do in Bellisseria.   

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It's Saturday morning, the fog is barely off the sea over the mermaid maze in Picards Wharf, but I am curious about Pickle Island, to the east. It's new land, almost unexplored.  From the map, I can see a tantalizing string of lakes inland -- a mermaid's and boater's paradise -- but how can I get there?  I start at the houseboat docks in Sebek, just to the south of me.


This area isn't inhabited yet, so there's no one to watch as I search for a route. There's a little stream here.  Maybe if I swim up it ...


It's narrow and dangerously shallow for a mermaid, but it is passable.  I follow twists and turns.  Gradually, as I enter regions so new that they aren't even named yet, the stream widens, but now there's an ominous roar ahead and the current has picked up.  This does not feel good ...


It's a waterfall! It would be easy to walk around if I had legs, but I have no choice as a mermaid.  This is going to take every ounce of strength in my tail. I dive in and hope for the best.


I apologize for the quality of the photo.  When you're leaping up a waterfall like a lovesick salmon, it's hard to get a steady image.  It takes me several tries, but ;;;


I make it to the top!  There's a beautiful lake here, partially lined with houses and trees but not ready for people to move in yet.  Another unnamed region. To the north, though, I know that moles and their Linden friends have named River Run, which looks intriguing because it, too, has a large lake.  Can I make it that far?  I look for another stream ...


... and here it is, narrower and shallower than the one I started in at Sebek.  This is truly dangerous. I flex my fins, flip my tail, and head in ....


It really is a tight space.  It doesn't help that I am mildly claustrophobic like many sea-dwellers. I close my eyes and tell myself that the adventure has to be worth it.


And it is!  The lake in River Run is lovely, wide, and deep. This has been my most stressful, tiring trip in Bellesseria so far, and I have a feeling that it's not going to be easy to explore some of the other lakes and streams on the Pickle.  This is sooooo worth it, though.  What beautiful country!  What creative moles!

Then it hits me ... to explore any more of the island's waterways, I will have to swim all the way back out of here. I think it's time for a rest.

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Made addition to walflower, In fact two versions . THe first  version posted 462395288_outsideaaa.pngwhaitetrimaaa.pngAAA.pngAAA_001.png.202a91a0cd4873437909d25ecd59fd5a.png1465574076_outsideaaa.pngwhaitetrimaaa.pngAAA.pngAAA.pngAAAAAAAAAAA.pngTHIWONE.pngAAA.pngAAA.pngaaaa-png111111111111.pngaaaaaaaaaaaa.pngaaaaaa.png111.pngaaa_001.png.b4649401992def5620ba39f20b4f023d.png1465076301_outsideaaa.pngwhaitetrimaaa.pngAAA.pngAAA.pngAAAAAAAAAAA.pngTHIWONE.pngAAA.pngAAA.pngaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaa.pngaaaaaa.png111.pngaaa.pngaaa111aaa111aaa_001.png.900b8e163bab02d5dc82bb7e44de364a.png on a different thread but this one i like better, I enclosed the steps and made a room on top enclosing most of the top deck and now the stairs are usable inside steps added a pillar over the one outside beam and fancy doors to the enclosure and now the house boat had a huge amount of room . Still not done with the final version but this is a start .the back side with the door i  added windows and also decorated this space

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My alts new Home in Axim is growing on my by the hour! ;) ... beautyfull view and I do love the daylight cicle!

I spent a very short night on the balcony. All these pictures were taken within 15 minutes!!

Axim_Day by Leora Jacobus, auf Flickr

Axim_Dusk1 by Leora Jacobus, auf Flickr

Axim_Dusk2 by Leora Jacobus, auf Flickr

Axim_Night by Leora Jacobus, auf Flickr

Axim_Dawn by Leora Jacobus, auf Flickr


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The other day, someone posted an offhand comment that suggested that the "older" regions in Bellisseria were somehow less attractive then the "newer" ones being released today. That just didn't seem right.  I didn't want to make a knee jerk judgment, though, so I got my horse and headed off to see for myself.  We started at the shore in Heathstone, which is halfway down the west coast.


There's a lovely park there, with an expansive view up and down the coast. The matched white houses remind me of places I have lived along the New England shore. There are even gulls circling near the pinnacle rocks.  The land rises quickly as you head inland from Heathstone or All Hours.  My horse and I took our time climbing the steep the road into Standard.


It wasn't long before we could start looking over rooftops.  We stepped off the city streets and wandered down green pathways and footpaths behind the houses in WIlloughby. My horse was getting more and more excited, but I couldn't figure out why. Then he let out a loud whinny and I saw ....


... horses!  Three beautiful animals grazing peacefully in a small corral.  In fact, they weren't alone.  Not more than 50m away, on the other side of a tall brick wall,


was a lovely chestnut mare.  Who would have expected?  What draws horse owners to a neighborhood like Willoughby? It's pretty and quiet, but is it horse country?  The mare seemed glad to see a stallion beyond her gate, but decided to play hard to get.  She didn't even whinny once.  


Does anyone other than me remember that Twilight Zone episode in Willoughby? The one where an ad executive goes back in time to the town where he grew up? This region looks just like that, except that it doesn't have a bandstand.  It does have beautiful large houses with imaginative gardens and amazing architectural add-ons, like this greenhouse.


Here's another one.  It has a huge pool, a sun room and a garage .... AND a good-sized terrace and a tool shed (or was it a playhouse?  I can't remember now.)

We spent an hour or more peering into back yards, smelling the flowers, and ... yes .. looking for more horses.  We did find a large open park, though, and an answer to my question about what attracts horse lovers here.


The trees here are immense, much larger than most that I have seen during my travels on the east coast or Pickle Island. The grass is lush and soft, and there's plenty of room to run. Now I know why Willoughby attracts horse owners.  What a great place to trot and prance!  The hills rise dramatically -- almost vertically -- on the the east edge of the park, and there are large rocks that I would love to climb on if I were a kid. 


So, is this less attractive than the "newer" Bellisseria regions? Not on your life!  My horse already wants to come back for another trip, maybe further into the eastern hills next time. Or maybe to see that mare again.

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56 minutes ago, Rolig Loon said:

We started at the shore in Heathstone, which is halfway down the west coast.

That's my sim and I am the second house in on your picture. It is lovely there.  


To be FAIR though - LOL -- I visited ALL of the original regions to make my "community areas" list (now very much outdated and not kept up but it was fun).  There are some pretty boring regions in the original release -- ones where the designers seemed to be in need of coffee and inspiration. There are a few boring regions in the newer sections too, but I would say that LL most likely picked the most enthusiastic Moles to continue onward and that shows.   

It is VERY stable in Heathstone. I don't think any of the original folks have moved out -- at least not that I noticed so I am very happy there.  Practice does make us better in most things and I think the Moles are doing a great job.   I am very glad you enjoyed your visit. I have some favorite regions in the "old lands" for sure.   One thing LL learned I think from the first releases is that people wanted to be around WATER or at least some large parks with impressive open spaces. And they incorporated that obviously in their new builds. 


I am not sure if this holds true now but when I was doing my grand tour in April there were sims that seemed to have their own atmosphere. There were a couple down south from me near the coast but inland a bit that seemed very "blue collar" (worker oriented if that term isn't used in Europe). Honestly I thought they were some of the coziest and friendliest of atmospheres.  There were some that seemed very "gated" and posh and "cold".   There are a handful of regions that "could" do with a overhaul but that probably will never happen. 


Whatever people might say now about the pretty sims, the folks claiming did NOT get to partake of the Day One Excitement which was one of my most memorable days in SL --- and that counts for  a lot. 

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Messing with WL's at my alt's place. This one is "Maroon", and i'll have to add it to my list of Halloween potential WL's.

Hers is definitely the nicer of my 2 to screenshot. I always like them.



Edit: I LOVE the look this next one gives.


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