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The Linden Homes Photo Thread

Patch Linden

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Mot of the people I see are nice. There are a few racing around careless in cars, others being more realistic and setting throttles low. People like my Bento water horse and its a good place to ride, and more popular then cars.

Some items will not instantly return even if the property is set to group entry, then you have to add every person that visits. The wrap around prim at height of house (not higher, is a good way to prevent accidents, or even large attached items swinging into your living room. 

I see more people decorating nicely, making the community look nice which is good. Most seeking a  new linden house or seeking a friendly neighborhood option. Won't be long ill holiday season decoration exhibits and community events happen. 


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6 hours ago, deplove said:

Here is my new Sophia kitchen, in a shabby chic style with Vietri Italian ceramics. All the doors of the fridge, oven, wall units etc. are open / close. Original design on the MP shop Adri De Luxe, 13 prims, low impact, small cost, maximum yield  :D



OMG! That kitchen is supercute! :) I love that style! I have a similar one like that (see below). It's not on Bellessaria just yet (as I don't have home there yet, *pout*), but it will be! 




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On 4/17/2019 at 1:22 AM, Marianne Little said:

I have LI anxiety. Only 78 left, and no furniture in the bedroom, there is nothing in the greenhouse, and the bathroom.

What we need is a LI kiosk where we can put in money and get 50 or 100 more LI.

Yes? 🙏


Love it! ...but probabably won't work. Either they fully rent out the place, accommodating for all residents potentially using up their max prim allowance, after which the region is de facto filled to capacity, or they don't fully fill it to capacity, accommodating for what LI packages ppl might get in the kiosk, after which, still at best, they only have the entire region filled to the brim, capacity wise (but with extra revenue from the LI packs). Still, as prediction is hard, certainly where it concerns the future, LOL, it would be difficult -- as in close to impossible -- to guess how much prim -room they'd need to reserve for potential LI pack sales on that region. Tl;dr: Linden would likely lose on the deal.

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On 4/17/2019 at 2:08 PM, Raspberry Crystal said:

Your screenshots looks lovely @Marianne Little I drive myself crazy sometimes with tiny details :)


Hehe, this is why I (almost) shy away from building in public. I think I'm not being overly boastful, saying I'm a fairly good interior decorator, but.... I'm also kinda slow, LOL. Aka, sometimes I need some time before the right muse visits me. Once she does, the whole concept usually takes wings, but before that time...

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On 4/18/2019 at 8:34 PM, Blush Bravin said:

And now for my houseboat. I haven't done much with the outside yet so I'll take you right inside the front door.


As you enter you can go right into the bedroom area or down the stairs into the living area.

Right across from the stairs is the study area. Turn toward the kitchen and you find the lounge area.


Standing in the kitchen looking back at the lounge area you see the door to the new bathroom.


I still have an amazing 195 prims left and I've not done any meshing yet. All my walls are made with standard prims. It will be interesting to see how much I can reduce by meshing.


You good! :) Seriously, looks like I'll have to pull all stops to come up with something even as remotely well-done. :)

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5 hours ago, deplove said:

we spent a few hours relaxing at Aletheia's cafe, listening to good music on a starry night .... if there were also the pose ball  we would have even danced 9_9


This is such a nice photo. Thank you for sharing 🌼 I'm glad your enjoying spending time at the Cafe. I'm sorry I don't have any dance balls :( I have left rez open with a few prims spare so people can rez their bikes etc there so please feel free to rez dance balls if the mood takes you ❤️

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Hello everyone :D 

This is my first time posting in the forum, but I've been a member of SL since 2010. However, I took a loooong break - from around beginning of 2012 to around mid last year. I came back because I was always left nostalgic about my experiences in SL. When I came back, there was a steep learning curve. But I let myself sign up for a premium account, and had myself one of the original Linden homes in the Radium region. I liked it.... but it was too stuffy, too prim restrictive. So when I saw the Linden Homes preview on the Destinations tab, I looked around and got really excited. When I heard they were released (by perusing the forum here), I jumped on claiming one.

And after two weeks of moving bits and pieces and adding and subtracting stuff, I'm ready to share some photos :D










Sorry for all the photos on my first post, but I was too excited and would have included more, but I'll leave it for now (or until I do a major change) :)


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ahh it never ends, I have almost consumed all the 315 prims, but I was tired of some furniture, not made by me, that I already had, so today that Pat works all day I got to work in my carpentry and I did some console and commode that I think are nice. And I gained 10 PRIMS ... cheers ...

Table consolle Giada_001.png

Table consolle Giada_002.png

Table consolle Picasso_001.png

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On 4/16/2019 at 10:43 AM, Claireschen Hesten said:

Packed my alt off to Colchester (must have been named after the RL town) had a wander over to Hartnell saw this really nice pool to relax in/around the communal areas in the new continent are much nicer than the ones way back when i had a Linden home in one of the old developments. Makes me wish i was rich enough to go premium again


I was hanging out there until regular house comes available and using wearable tent like a hobo on the beach. I've been marking the community places. THen I will make a telporter that can go to community pools, parks and centers as a menu option at my place. (when ever that will be)

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My kittycats have fully embraced their new home by now, one has even laid claim to my counter.  I wonder what Emmy is looking at?   I love the view from this window, apparently so does she.  



Adelbert is goofing around in my laundry :)


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Ghost watching at Phinney. Not sure how long they will stay (almost) in my backyard, as the anomaly has been reported, but you are welcome to check: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Phinney/232/69/25 They seem to be haunting a particular rhododendron, so my current theory is that's how some bellisserian flowers are pollinating. x)


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oh all the typos
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And there's from one to three of them. I currently see two, but there was a bunch of people here at the same time and some reported with screenshots seeing three ghosts, some seen just one. Ghosts have different avatar Keys as well. And belong to some group, as they wear the same tag. And that's where I shut up about technicalities, as I would not understand what I am talking about otherwise. 

Not so artistic screenshot for context:


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Working on new and updating older "clutter". While I don't like much clutter in our corporeal world, I think it enhances or virtual one greatly. I also got some new ocean sounds last night. They are contained to MY parcel but I love what the add to the immersion.

Meanwhile bedroom still in progress. And yes, there is some arty DOF going on here LOL.  

{what next} RIORO, Trompe Loeil and "my stuff"


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Windlass houseboat. I kept wanting to make this area the kitchen but the window height felt off. I have seen some using platforms but my thinking is ..  when cuddling on the couch we're looking at ourselves anyway, so the view won't go to waste.  I mean, in theory. 


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