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The Linden Homes Photo Thread

Patch Linden

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49 minutes ago, Gingir Ghoststar said:

Air convoy! On our way to the final destination of today's group exploration. We'd like to thank everyone who turned out. I know at one time we had 20+ people on this wild ride. We're all in different air vehicles now on the last leg of our journey. 


It was SO much fun Gingir. Thank you for putting this group together!

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I got a free car today, so I decided to mod it a bit and take a drive around town. I really like the flying pig, it somehow feels appropriate.



I love this bridge, just over it and about a block away is my home :)  I forgot to take out the meter, that's okay I kind of like it.




I also built a garage for my car, it is not a permanent structure, just something I did for fun.  So far it is only ten prims, I think I will do a bit more with it, later.  



I actually drove it in there, my driving skills leave much to be desired though :)  I have to say, this is incredibly fun, I love that Linden has provided us so much content.

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My garage was mostly just a joke, but I went back to work on it a little more and I am happy with the results.  It has a total of 19 for a land impact.  A bit higher than what I would want, perhaps later I will use prim2mesh, and see if I can get it down a bit more.  



I can actually walk around in it, even with the vw parked 😎



And one more shot.



I think I might make a little drive way, link it to this garage, and set up a rez box when I feel like having a garage in my yard, and it takes a tiny foot print :)  It is not going to stay out permanently though.  On the plus side, if I don't want to be silly, resizing it will be incredibly easy.

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Lots of fun photos tonight. I am beginning to believe I have entered a "role play continent" LOL. Not a bad thing. MEANWHILE my project of the day was still in the garden. Got the gardening fever for sure (RL also).

One prim clutter. Gotta love it!   Impressive what we can do with 351 land impact points! Woot.



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