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Im looking for a designer to build me a hud that fills needs, and scripts to go in food and furniture aswell to help fill said needs

basic needs hud c/m

hunger, thirst, hygiene, continence, energy health and mood

depending on the mood the stats should drop faster or slower, health would only drop once all stats are at 0

also would like a pregnancy selection that drops stats faster except mood and has an extra rp line for key foods and vits

and the following replenish scripts

a health script c/m

i would like a food script, c/m/

and drink script c/m/

a hygiene script c/m/

an energy script c/m/

and a mood script c/m/

this will be for my own personal use

i would like a section in each replenish script to have section of how much value it adds, and a line for some rp text

also if the hud could have the option to give rp lines for different needs, 

so like, stats go below 70% it has a ection i can add rp lines, and below 50% and below 20%

any scripter/builders up for the challange?


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9 hours ago, DjEspektro Aeon said:

It's in the employment forum.

It was in the LSL scripting forum and was moved to this one.

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" any scripter/builders up for the challange? " I can think of a dozen off the top of my head, both by rep and experience, but you are missing two bits of information.

Budget and time frame =^^= (can probably fill in the defaults though).

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