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Roadside Protected 4608sqm, Circuit La Corse, Corsica Plus 1024sqm all For Sale!

Asadora Summers

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The pictures below show the land that I am selling. One huge 4608sqm parcel and an additional 1024sqm plot, located just down the road from the 4608sqm parcel. As you can see the 4608sqm parcel has Trendrone Road, a Linden Road going down the middle of it, meaning that you can have the front side protected, as you would own either sides of the land next to the road.

I terraformed it flat, when I rezzed my home, nature park and pub out. The terrain is grass. I did leave up some natural terraformed boarders. If you want the landscaping on the right side, I can give this to you after the sale, as those are items I created. The things on the left side are not for sale.

I spent almost a year here and enjoyed it very much and it served my purposes during that time. Although now, I want a smaller place.

The following is an example of how I set this land up in order to have a monthly tier of only 20 USD. With the 10% land bonus the amount of land I own is: 5632m total prims in total is: 1933

I am a premium member and have an alt with premium membership, created a land group with me and my  alt in it. Had my alt donate it's 1024sqm of free tier to the land group. Then had my alt pay an extra 1024sqm for 7 bucks a month and donated that to the land group.

Under my main, my tier was 2048 plus my free 1024m which makes it 3072sqm, donated all of that to the land group. 2048sqm of tier is only 13.00USD a month. Total monthly tier costs: 20.00 USD.

**Please note: The land that I am selling includes the 1024sqm which is pictured at the bottom. If you only buy the 4608sqm then the above tier will not apply.

If you want to purchase the 4608sqm and the 1024sqm at the same time, I will be happy to offer a direct sale to you. Sale must be completed within one week of setting direct sale.

Price for both parcels bought together: L$30,000 (I'll give you the discount refund after completion of sale).

Sell to anyone price is: L$30,000 for the 4608sqm and Sell to anyone price for the 1024sqm is: L$6500

So, if you buy both in a direct sale from me, you'll be saving: L$6,500

There is a lot of abandoned land behind the 4608sqm parcel, which gives you a clear view of the Linden Ocean and beach.

I am not a land flipper. I am just a oldbie that wants to move to a smaller place. This location in Corsica has wonderful surrounding hills and is a quiet street and have no trouble. But, as I have said before, I just want something smaller.

If you are seriously interested then please contact me in-world either via Notecard or Instant Message. Please include your legacy name. My name in-world is: Asadora Summers

Thank you for reading.

If I had made any mistakes in the tier math, I do apologize. This is the first time I am selling land, so yet as I am an oldbie in SL, I'm a newbie when it comes to selling my own land.

I am also including flickr pictures of how I lived on the land.

ND_BlackSwanNaturePark_5_004ND_BlackSwanNaturePark_5_006My Land in Corsica


Below is the land after I took everything into my inventory.



4608sqm land for sale slurl





1024sqm parcel for sale slurl


Kind Regards,

Asadora Summers




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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1510 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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