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Lada Charlton

Private Tropical Islands at the new Breakers Estates

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Visit the Breakers to rent a home and find your next escape to paradise. With currently two regions our estate is filled with lush vegetation and realistic beach scenes that will leave you feeling serene and calm. Dock your boat next to your house or use one of our free group jet-skis to discover the hidden treasures nestled throughout the island including wildlife and hidden waterfalls.

We only have a few more full-size private islands left. Each island contains 900 or 1,100 LI. We also have a smaller island for 500 LI. 

Each rental includes your LI plus a free home. We can also switch your house for your anytime including to one you own as long as it fits the existing aesthetic of the islands. 

For a list of up-to-date list of available homes, or to find more information or customer support please visit: www.BreakersEstates.com or IM Lada Charlton in-world anytime!

You can also visit the Breakers directly through our Wavefront or Private Cove region entrance locations.


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