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Chat lag, and lots of crashing.

Firebird Dufaux

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So I've been using SL for years now (Since 2006.)  And this is the first time I haven't been able to find a solution to a problem I'm having.  I've had my fair share of issues but always managed to find a solution through reading these forums and the solutions that worked for others.  Even when I was using a 10 year old computer.  But about a year ago I bought this brand new Lenovo Y720 Laptop so I could have something nice to game on and cart around (I move around a lot.) and I was having the best SL experience I've ever had while using it.  That is up until 3 or 4 weeks ago when this issue started cropping up, and has seemingly gotten worse.

It started off with things being undone as I built or textured them.  I'd move something, and it would move itself back to where it had just been.  Though it only happened occasionally, so I chalked it up to lag and moved on.

Eventually this symptom got worse and I started having to basically do everything twice.  Frustrating but I learned to work around it.

Then the chat lag started.  I could type something in chat, and sometimes it would take a whole 5 minutes for it to appear IF it even would appear. (This happened in local as well as IMs.)

and now tacked on top of everything else, I keep getting logged out at random, sometimes several times in an hour, and it's driving me absolutely batty.  I just can't seem to find a solution to this seemingly worsening issue, and I'm begging for some aid before I snap!

I have tried 3 different viewers and they all produce the same issue. (Singularity, Firestorm, and the Default Viewer 2.0)

and I have also been able to reproduce the issue on wired as well as wireless.

I recorded a video of the Chat issue while having the Statistic window open if that helps anyone -

And literally 2 minutes after I hit stop on the recording I was logged out of SL.


Things I've already tried:

- Complete deletes and fresh installs of viewers.

- Wired and wireless connections.

- Resetting the modem.

- Contacting the ISP.

- Changing my graphics settings.

- Updating all my drivers and graphics card.

- Connection tests (30 down/10 up)

- Probably some things I can't remember because it's 3am.

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One thing that jumps out from the video is the Ping Sim.
It's very unstable & keeps shooting up from ~100msec to over 300msec, which corresponds to when the chat lag happens.

You didn't mention antivirus.
Which antivirus software so you have installed on your system?
If you temporarily disable your antivirus does that fix the problem?

You said you move around a lot with your laptop.
Does this problem only happen on your home network?

Do you have any other computers in the house?
Does the problem reproduce on all your computers connected to the home network?

If this was happening to me, my first investigation would be to try to narrow it down to a problem with that specific laptop or a problem with the network/router.

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6 hours ago, Firebird Dufaux said:

That is up until 3 or 4 weeks ago when this issue started cropping up, and has seemingly gotten worse.

Can you think of ANYTHING that changed at your end at the time the problem started that could possibly have an affect on your Laptop or network?
Anything at all, even if it seems unrelated.
eg) Windows update, installed new software on the laptop, made a change to antivirus software, installed anything that describes itself as a "game booster" or "Network booster", connected any new devices to your network like a smart TV, any neighbors tapping into your wifi, got a new microwave or anything that can interfere with the wifi, moved physical location of the router etc etc etc

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I can't think of anything that has changed in the past 3 or 4 weeks, I remember getting home from work, turning on my computer, and having the issue. (unless you count the weather getting warmer.)  At first I thought it was just SL being SL, even some of my friends said "Yeah SL has been buggy the last couple of days" but then when it started getting worse and only happening to me I knew it couldn't be the grid.

I have Norton for an antivirus (which I know people say is overly aggressive.)  Always have. And I tried turning it off completely but the issue still happens.

I only have the one computer hooked up to the network.  I turned off the wifi on my phone, and my tablet to see if that would help but still nothing.  No smart T.V's or anything else like that...  Oh my Ps4 is also on the network, but it's also off during this issue's occurrence.

I haven't had a chance to try a network outside of my home network, as I haven't traveled anywhere with a capable enough connection, though that could definitely be something I try when I do.


Edit:  The issue seems to happen irregardless of ping.  Even if the ping doesn't move for 20 minutes the chat still lags and I still get kicked.


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Forgot something.
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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1516 days.

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