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Looking to add to the clan

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Hey guys, this is the first time I've made one of these posts. I'm sorry if I rambled on

I'm looking to add to my family. 

Interested in being apart of the family?

A little bit about my daughter, my twin, and I. Our last name is Montgomery. If you join our family you will be taking that name, we aren't looking to change it to anything else. My daughter role plays 2 1/2 years old and her name is Emryn, my twin and I are supposed to be identical, but she says our avatars don't look alike, but we are a package deal. She might not be on as much but she is still my twin sister. Anyways we role play ages 25. Our avatars have brown hair blue eyes but do change it to blonde during the summer months. Anna(or Kolette) and I's accounts are 10 months old. I'm super shy and will take a little bit to open up. All three of us have Instagram accounts Avaiynn@instagram Kolette@instagram Emyrn@instagram This isn't a must but we just like to tag people in pictures

What we are looking for

  • Parents /Aunts/Uncles/Siblings/Cousins

             We are okay with having one parent, but please know we don't have a kid avatar nor do we plan on getting one anytime soon so you must be okay with us being adults. You must have a decent looking avatar. No walking demos etc. We aren't looking for handouts. We are able to get our own things. We have a house of our own. You must communicate with us, yes I know it works both ways but we shouldn't need to always be the one reaching out. We'd like to be super close to our family. If you have a big family that is amazing, we love big families, but if you adopt my sister and I please no more than 5 kids.

  • If we happened to find some siblings before we find parents, we will all be approving on parents. 
  • I think we are only looking for 2-3 other siblings. (male or female avatars)
  • We are in the eastern and central timezone
  • We are fine with the LBGTQ community, 

I guess anything else, just find me on SL and send me a message, but please! make sure you start with something along the lines of this forum post. 


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38 minutes ago, belindacarson said:

I think I'll give this a pass after yesterday ^^

hmm..this could be a interesting storyline  🤔

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On 4/7/2019 at 9:34 AM, belindacarson said:


after yesterday? I haven't been on since I posted this due to RL so what could possibly be talking about? We don't know eachother? LOL

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