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DjEspektro Aeon

Open Positions! - Sales Manager

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I own 2 Stores in Second Life, we sell a huge number of products, scripts, clothes, 3D Object, custom stuff, well, I've developed a HUD that anyone can use to work at my stores.

It's very simple, just double click the HUD, touch Login, touch the vendor machine that you want to login, and select Connect at the HUD and done, for the next 5 minutes you will get 50% of every sale made in that vendor machine.


If you focus on selling our "Business in a Box" you can make up to 1k L$ in a single day! (A Building (3 stories) + XPM Merchant Pack (own creations) + thousands of products to resell)

No one need to apply, it's easier than that. Come check - you can take the HUD at my desk or simple click 'sales manager' at any XPM Vendor Machine.


For more infos, please consider sending me a PM: DjEspektro Aeon

Come take a look: Xposts Media Store (Click to open map)

or read the easy-to-follow guide at our website: http://www.sl.xpostsmedia.com/help-salesmanagerhud/




The driving force of a career must come from the individual. Remember: Jobs are owned by the company, you own your career!
Earn Lindens NOW! Learn more: http://www.sl.xpostsmedia.com/


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