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Stilt home houses for sale PleasantView Estates

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Hi I'm trying to reach more people by coming here to the forums. I have some stilt ocean view homes for sale about 11 left, each one has its own set of prims ranging from 50-450 prims prices start at 100/wk for the 50- 65 prim homes due to already being furnished, can take furniture out and raise prim count on request. The 200 prim homes are 400/wk the 450 prim homes are around 900/wk I really want to get these sold.

More then welcome to stop by.

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lover Land/88/120/25

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The Land Forum General Discussion area is not the right place for advertising - though I suppose we could start a discussion about whether paying an estate owner a weekly figure for house and prims is actually a sell or a rental/lease situation. 

This should be in one of the following sub-areas depending on the type of land (if it's advertising rentals):

- Region for Rent: Full Private Island

- Region Rentals: Homestead

- Parcels for Rent: Mainland

There are similar sub-forums for land sales. 

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