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Male Mesh avatar recommendations

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6 hours ago, Josain Zsun said:

I want the best, not necessarily most expensive, in functionality, support & clothes.

There's only minor pricing differences between the major brands, for both bodies and heads (and skins). So your choice is pretty much between major brands and their ~8-9k price tag (for a body+head+skin), or to go for a free/cheaper brand and lose out on the clothing support. It's not ideal, but it is what it is.

I'm just gonna lazily copy my post from another thread:

Your head + skin + shape + body combo is what will give you your look. My advice would be to avoid buying a head until you have demo'd out a skin + head + shape + body combo that you like. Straydog is the place I recommend for male skins, but there are other places.

Each skin will be designed with one specific head in mind (the skin creators usually have generic body skins for all of the major brands). Find a vendor ad there that you like, take the demo of that skin (plus a demo of the body skin on the wall), and take the demo of the relevant head and body. The skin (both demo and the real thing) should come with a shape; wear the shape, and you should look like the vendor ad (or close enough, anyway). Use that as a base, tweak the shape to your liking, and once you have something that you're happy with, only then should you buy anything. 

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