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The Lindens have already replied, 19 hours after creating the ticket and minutes after updating, saying they have "run a script" to fix it. I was directed to a low lag sim (Welsh) where I appeared with a default avi. Following their directions I flushed the cache and relogged, then stayed logged in for about 2 hours. I am able to change my looks again and right now everything looks good. Will have to test everything, though.

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They did the same to me, I have a script running and my av its stil weird, its like it stretches and shrinks after changing clothes or teleporting, and they offered me in a new ticket to run another script, and put one of one all my wearables again.

But I did find a problem with my bento head, like saying Im wearing too and only one showing in my outfit, so yes, I'm still in trouble but I dont look like a cloud anymore.

Thanks everyone here who have helped me!  Whirly, you are awesome!

Now it's on LL......

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