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Now hiring AFK clowns!!

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   ♥Clown Escorts♥

If you wish to be a AFK Clown Escort please Join the Group & drop a Notecard in the giant Red Mailbox on the wall with your SL username. A manager will contact you within 24 hours. and give you the proper group tag and wearable tip jar.

1) You must be dressed as a Clown, Jester or Mime and nude or semi nude. This means face paint, colorful hair, silly shoes, hats, etc. You can use your own accessories or take our FREE Clown accessories located on the wall of the main lobby. If you do not wear Clown attire you will be asked to leave.

2) Girls, Guys, Furries, Anime avatars welcome, please no child avatars. Lolitas are fine as long as they have defining features that suggest 18+ such as breasts, wide hips. Any race or gender is welcome.

3) Mesh avatars are preferred but not mandatory.

4) While Tipping is optional but strongly encouraged for visitors...YOU KEEP 100% of the Tips Earned!

5) You can advertise when you are available at the club in group chat. Escorting is fine, we have rental boards for $1L a week if you choose to use as well.

6) Some furniture is for Gay, Lesbian and straight please look at the name of the furniture before sitting. You can use any furniture in the club including the 8 private rooms around the pools, just log on to the tip jar sign near the door. All furniture is first come, first serve.

TP Link below


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its $5L a week for the rental boards, free clown gear

you can set your own prices keep the money they make no tip outs to the club and advertise in our group

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