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Nimue Galatea

I'm a Maitreya Lara user. Do I really need to use Omega appliers?


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You don't need to, but having an Omega installer/relay kit for Maitreya will broaden your options when it comes to body appliers - underwear, skins, tattoos, stuff like this.

What it does is enabling you to put not just Maitreya designated appliers on your body, but Omega appliers as well. 

If you don't want to invest in Omega kit, I'd say go without it for some time and see if you'll encounter any appliers that you wish you can use, but they don't support Maitreya directly. Might not happen for quite a while as this body has great 3d party support. 

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They make it possible to apply some textures (clothing, tattoos, ... ) to your Maitreya body, even if they were not specifically designed for Maitreya.  You don't need the applier necessarily (I don;t have one myself), but it could be handy if you decide to buy items that expect it.

Marina types faster than i do  ^^  :)

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