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Early Announcement About ZEXPO 2011

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The official press releases will likely start next week, but I wanted to post in this forum as first as possible about ZEXPO 2011 and mention this will be designed as a very inclusive, innovative and inspirational show. In one week, without much announcements, we already have about 25 Exhibitors, a few builders working on the show design, our first Hotel being created (for accomodations during the show), our first Celebrity Guest and much more activity.

Here is the website, which has some early information about how to get involved. I hope that this event reaches out across Zindra, 'A' rated areas in general, and all of the 'sophisticated' sides of SL. I hope it also brings people together in new and exciting ways.



PS - vote/comment on one of SIX proposed 'looks' at:



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I will contact you in world but I have some clients who want in. I was wondering if you had considered a small "Real Life" pavilion where I can bring these companies in. They include:


  • AEBN
  • Digital Playground
  • VirtuallyJenna.com
  • LightspeedUniversity.com
  • Red Light Center

AEBN would be the anchor and I have others to add still. AEBN wants to debut their "Real Touch" device.

On another note but regarding the same topic, we in RL adult have a serious concern about certain words being used when we are involved as they are red flags to our attorneys and our billing providers.  I saw a sign at the Zindra facility for a High School Sexual RP region. High School is underage and the implications of such is a rather concerning issue.  I would like to suggest someone change this and remove the High School name or replace it with just School or something.  Following the Landmark, I came across several areas that where associated using the name Lolita.  In RL Visa will shut down your website if you use the word Lolita around anything that has adult content as it too refers to underage sex.

Having these will scare many of my clients away so I thought I would bring it up.

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1. thanks for the leads, Chelsea. We ar etrying to keep the various exhibitors 'spread out' across the island to allow maximum mvariety and impact (by being in multiple locations when possible) so we may not have dedicated 'pavillions' per se (but it's early....anything is possible). Please tell your contacts at those companies to give me a shout and/or join the Zindra Expo group to get in the loop as far as announcements go.


2. I wholeheartedly agree with you about your concerns. It is for that reason, and others, I am working on  a 'show standard' that contains some language that prohibits extreme examples of certain content: such as: no depictions of ageplay and no 'nonconsensual sex' depictions (ie. rape and sexual abuse). I expect to take some hear from this, but I believe that sane marketing demands it (its hard enough to market SL's A rated content to the world, but it's a marketing death sentence if 'rape rooms' etc are part of the mix) ZEXPO wll be designed as a very public show that reaches out beyond Zindra, and even beyond SL itself. This requires a big picture approach.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3817 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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