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4/8/19 at 6pm SLT You Are Invited to In This Moment [BVE Tribute Concert]

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Come join us at Club Darkstar: Mustafar:: Concert Lava Pit

Monday: April 8th, 2019 at 6pm SLT

For the Most Epic In This Moment Tribute Concert 
Performed by Black Velvet Entertainment

Please Pass the Invitation Detailss to your friends, co-workers, etc...





Featuring singer:  Rhonda Thibedeau.  Rhondas' experience in the music industry is extensive both rl and sl.  For over ten years she has performed as a lead singer/artist in sl. Rhondas' attention to realism and detail is outstanding.  When asked what have been some of her favorite performances "Halsey and/or Cher."  Rhonda has performed as Maria Brink of In This Moment; the audience was captivated and spellbound. by her performance. 

HARLOW,  the owner of BVE, leads the crew with a focus on bringing new and diverse performances to the grid..  HARLOW has worked in management as well as performance in Second life tribute bands.  Harlow, enjoys playing lead guitar and rocks those keys hard. HARLOW shares a passion for many genera of music.,such as Goth/Metal, Industrial , Classic Rock and Blues..

 In rl Harlow is self taught on acoustic guitar, however rocks a mean electric flying  V in second life..  Harlows' claim to fame is she danced with the ***** Cat Dolls for a Relay for LIfe Event in SL.  Harlow loves surfing with her dog Meatball on her board, while listening to She Wants Revenge.. HARLOW Got buzzed and fell into SL after a night out with Maria Brink in Hollywood. no lie!!!!!

Johnny Chardin: Drummer for BVE has over eight years experience in tribute bands.    Johnny can light your fire with his beats, he throws down some awesome drum solos.  Johnny is a down home boy with all that southern charm!!!  

NancyLeeWillis: : BVE  Rymthum Guitarist - Nancy is the only guitarist that has a rl pink gun.  Nancy tried to join the NRA in sl but no pink guns allowed she was banned. Nancy has over three years experience with live performers in SL.  Nancy plays a mean electric guitar and a wicked performer. .  Nancy loves Oldies, Rock and Country as well as Classical and Jazz.   Nancy has a Blues couch, she hangs her shingle over  for those in need.  Nancy has many talents in sl.

Trixee Trotter:  BVE Bass Guitarist - Trixee sings, plays guitar, keys and drums in tribute bands and has performed with live singers as well  for over five years in SL.  Trixees' passions are Country and Blues music.  Trixee loves to fight with Alexa, "I asked Alexxa  what her passion is, I'm still waiting for her answer." Trixee is a great at blowing out her keyboard and painting her toes while on stage.  Did she really say that?  SHE CANT TELL WHERE THE SONGS BEGIN AND END BUT HEY NO ONE IS PERFECT LALALAL METAL MUSIC HUSH!!!!!




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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1525 days.

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