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Sindee Bruun

Parcels for Sale @Sunshine Beach

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Sunshine Beach was Established in 2015, A Moderate Region, with the Person in Mind, one who wanted a Great Place to Live, Enjoy Music, Dancing at the Gazebo and the Company of Amazing People. We are Clothing Optional and have a Strict NO A/P Policy.

With this Region, being a Private Region, Buying land does not Effect your SL Membership, plus you have full Rights. Please read the Covenant, before Purchasing. 

We use Caspervend Pay Meters. Buying land is easy, Pay Meter, Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly. Then Buy land for $1L and it's yours.

Listed down below are the Avail Parcels, Diff Prim Count and Weekly Tier Rates.

Please Contact Sindee Bruun or Casey Jean ( kmjc55 resident) for more info. 

1. 341 Avail Prims $400L Weekly

2.  175 Avail Prim $200L Weekly Tier

3.  307 Avail Prim $350L Weekly Tier

4.  703 Avail Prim $800L Weekly Tier

5.  483 Avail Prim $700L Weekly Tier, close to the Gazebo

6.  375 Avail prim $425 Weekly Tier

7.  429 Avail Prim $475L weekly Tier

8.  937 Avail Prim Water Front  $1200L weekly Tier

9.  527 Avail Prim $600L  Weekly Tier



sunshine, use this.png

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