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Why is swapping viewers so awkward?


I use two viewers for SL; Firestorm for everyday use, and Black Dragon for photos. I'll therefore swap between the two fairly often. My process is simple; I push the big red x in the top right hand corner, then once that viewer is closed, I boot up the other one and push login. Regardless of whether I'm going from Firestorm to Black Dragon or vice versa, I get this (or equivalent) pretty often:


This gives me the sads.

Sometimes I don't get this, and can log back in with the new viewer with no issues. Sometimes I get this, push log in once more, and I'm in. And sometimes, like just now, I'll spend five minutes mashing the login button, rebooting the viewer, scowling at the screen (in case that helps?) before I'm finally allowed back in. This is annoying.

So the actual question: is there any way to mitigate this problem? Is there a "soft close" in either viewer which will stop SL from bouncing my login request? Is there a setting buried in the options of either viewer to ensure that happens?

Or is this just the inevitable side effect of 15 year old spaghetti code?

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When you close your viewer, it always takes the LL servers a short time to realize that you have logged out.  Then they have to go through a multi-step shutdown process to update your current avatar files, your inventory, your friends lists, and any other databases you have been linked to.  It takes time.  That's why you will often still see a friend on the dance floor for a while after you get the IM message that she has logged out.  As far as the servers are concerned, she is not really logged out until her files are all backed up properly and the region server has pushed updated information -- without herin it -- to everyone else who is still in the region.  If the region has been particularly busy -- lots of avatars and many things going on -- it can take quite a while.  Until then, no, you can't log back in again because the system thinks you are still there.

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