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Reyetta Claven

Beginner's Mesh Megathread

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I saw some squabbling in another thread about the fact that newbies to meshing don't learn the basics first, have unoptimized models, don't set up proper materials, and more. The general consensus was that there just wasn't a lot of information out there that was readily accessible and SL-specific, and no one person has the time to set up courses on the subject. So, I say, let's crowd source it!

I'll be compiling links and tips shared by anyone who posts. Things you post should specifically relate to creating and optimizing mesh (rigged or otherwise) for SL. The only general tutorials or tips that are allowed here will be ones relating to how to navigate Blender and Avastar. So please, mesh experts of SL, share with us your wisdom!

Blender Basics
Playlist of Blender "Tip of the Day" (Warning: May not be SL exclusive. Take with a grain of salt.)

Manipulating 3D Objects in Blender

Collections VS Layers


Creating Models
Using an offset Pivot Point (inworld rotation that isn't from the center of the object)


Texturing meshes without having black lines or seams

Baking Shadows with a Transparency Alpha

Some tips for Creating/Unwrapping UVs

Stitching Multiple Vertices Together in UV

Creating Ambient Occlusion (AO/Shadows)

Fixing Dark Interior of Object in AO

Fixing Unexpected White Line in Ambient Occlusion (AO/Shadows)

Fixing pixelization on Bake

The Seven Deadly Sins of Texturing (And how to avoid them)


Optimizing Mesh for SL
Smoothing Models + Reducing Polygon Count

Texture Optimization

Rigging and Weighting


Uploading and adjusting in SL
How to upload mesh to SL


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