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Wandering Soulstar

Firestorm PreProcessor - Help Needed

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Hi All .. this is going out to anyone that uses the Firestorm Preprocesor functionality ...

I have just started to use this, and seem to be having some problems that I could use some help with. The first comes from the preprocessor, correctly inserting used functions from my 'common_funtions' file. But it is inserting a semi-colon ( ; ) after the bracket of the last function. Any ideas of what I am not doing in my function file that would cause this? Second question is actually finding the file. On the Firestorm page is says it can check sub-folders of the designated #include directory, my qustion is do I have to actually specify the sub-folder path in the #include directive line?

Thanks in advance!!!!

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@Wulfie Reanimator As to the file itself, each function is defined as it would be in a normal Script, i.e.

function (params)




(sorry for not putting in a code window, but am on my phone)

And for the path, have seen that, and not clear (at least for me). Question is, if folder ‘x’ is designated as the location for includes, and the file is in x\a, do I need to write:

#include “\a\name.lsl”

in other words, it will not automatically look in subfolders?

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Having just got home and being able to take another look at the code I discovered the problem. Though it is interesting what the result on the processed code was. At the beginning of my include file I had a #define, which I had accidentally placed a semi-colon after. The 'interesting' part is that the #define variable was 'replaced' correctly, and that the semi-colon was dumped at the end of the included functions.

Back to the path, I see that it works if I put the path to the file, i.e. the sub-folder trail from the root. This though is not, at least to me, what I read on the Firestorm page:


You can also include files inside of subfolders. If you are compiling your script from your inventory, the Preprocessor will search the inventory path you are working in, descending into any subfolders, to find the referenced include file.

Reading this it seems to say that the preprocessor will check the subfolders on it's own, without me having to specify ...

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