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rikimaru Rascon

BS No Well Fitting Digitigrade Lower Body Attire For Us Aesthetic Taller THICCer Bodied Furs.. HELP!!

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Okay so its a slight issue for me since my avi is pretty tall, muscled and wider then the average avi which i know is my own issue but i love the look. The normal Aesthetic tops , wrist, neck stuff fit fine

my issue is the lower body most all the lower half items don't fit my avi do to thickness and having digitigrade legs on.. the thighs of the Aesthetic pops through everything i wear luckily 

the HUD allows me to hide my thigh meshed so shorts are fine on my avi.... but long pants and boots are forever out of my reach musta spent close to $L 800 on digi boots pants only to have my lower legs to clip through due to my shins being wider and thicker  its so frustrating :/..


Anyone got any solutions? please i don't wanna just wear a thong or sorts all the time lol..


I want to start making my own Clothing but cant seem to find a solid digitigrade mesh obj so might need to make one but that'll be my last option if i run out of them.

Snapshot _ Ulvi's Homebase, Bonaire34 (167, 56, 23) - Adult.png

Snapshot _ Ulvi's Homebase, Bonaire34 (167, 56, 23) - Adult 2.png

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Posted (edited)

Have you tried looking at the store "Furry Fashion"? Sometimes you'll find pants made to fit certain digi legs, but you may just have to hide the thighs of the mesh body to compensate for it. Be prepared for raver and rainbow overload though as there seems to be a lot of that in that store.. kind of old school furry vibe to it.

Unfortunately as I see mostly shorts worn by people with digi legs, the best I am able to do is point you in the direction of a possibility, which may turn out to have nothing at all. =(

The marketplace may also net you something, but again would have to be made with your legs in mind.

If you didn't want the complete digi look though, you could look in to one of the many types of digi "feet" out there. These generally start at the lower calf or ankle, so pants tend to fit much better if rigged for the body.

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