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Shade Dash

Thinking of doing something to my sim...

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I am in the process of making a gladiatorial arena style role play with a combat system.  I have everything set up however was thinking of adding an additional feature.  However it falls in a very grey category. 

First the arena:

People use combat huds to battle in scheduled battles [PvP] and survivals [PvE] each participant must go through an application process and goes through a process to become a combatant and agrees with the outcome of each fight (mainly because RLV is apart of it) 

The "grey" area idea:

I want to put a side area so people can choose whether or not to put money on who wins.  The table is manned with a person real and whole who explains in detail "This is not a betting station for gambling, this is a process where the victor of the fight receives your donation for completing the fight." However the person they choose to donate to gets 75% of what was donated and 25% goes into a pool where every person in the group tag VIP is in.  At the end of week/month all [all not just the 25% from the arena] sim earnings go to this pool.  Ten people are randomly selected from the VIP and get a small token of appreciation for being a supporter of the land.  The losers money goes straight to sim maintenance.

My concern is I know that betting is a huge nono and so is any gambling.  So before I even consider this idea a possibility I want to make absolutely sure this does not in any way violate the Gambling grey area.


I have read it from cover to cover and it does state in one section....

Does this policy apply to "skill contests?"

This policy only applies to wagering games that involve an element of chance. This includes, for instance, any game involving random number generation, simulated dice, cards, poker, lotteries, bingo, or any other "chance" game. Games of pure intellectual or physical skill, such as puzzles or other skill contests, may not fall under this definition.

If your game or contest does not meet the above criteria, it is not restricted under this policy, but other applicable laws and local practice may apply, and you are expected to conduct your activities in Second Life in a legal way.


Since the matches are definitely based on a persons skill at fighting and not random chance does this count?  As I said this is a very part I am sitting on trying to determine if I should do this idea or just trash it before putting it on my sim.


Thank you for anyone putting constructive ideas into helping figure this out.


Your friendly Second Lifer


Shade Dash

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if i were you i'd contact LL themself, it's quite complicated.

In the past it was simple : if you have to pay to play it's a no ... and not allowed.
As your contestants have to pay upfront ánd have no influence or skill themself and adding the very easy possibilitiy to game matching ... my thinking goes to a no no.

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I'd still contact Support.  Is it worth your account to make a wrong guess on this and possibly be banned for days/weeks/forever?

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1 minute ago, Shade Dash said:

contestants do not pay

the vips are the one paying if they choose to donate

contestants/participators/clients/vips/addicts... ... whatever you want to call them,  not the ones in the arena.
And it's not choose to donate... if you don't you can't join the game.... pay to play keeps standing
Just note that "skill" gaming is the skill of the player, not the avatars that fight, they make the outcome, players have no influence on that.
It's the same as racing bets.. and thats gambling.

But as said, contact the Lab yourself, or a lawyer at your side. Violating the gaming policy is a serious issue. Be sure to be at the right side of it.

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