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[Avastar] Snap to Base Moves Skeleton

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As the title said, having trouble with snap to base function or store join edits with avastar.

I'm currently working on the Kemono bento base file and I've made wings that use the bento fingers but when ever I've made the edits and select the bones to press "snap to base", it either reverts the fingers back to default or pushes the skeleton back and keeps doing so.

Was wondering if there was a reason for this.




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I was able to modify the fingers of the kemono bento armature by doing the following:

  1. I updated the armature through Rig Converter ➡️ Cleanup Rig.
  2. I moved the fingers around.
  3. I snapped the base to the rig through Posing ➡️ Rig Modify Tools ➡️ Snap Base to Rig
    • A little bit confusing, it's easy to mix up the two.
    • The "↔️" button should not be selected. It should look like this before snapping: kemonohands.png.100d2898d1a4e49390ec3dda14ea489f.png

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