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I have the pleasure to invite you to our ALEXANDREIA SPRINGTIME TOURNAMENT IN HONOR TO ATIS &CIBELES GODS IT WILL BE 23TH March SINCE 13.30 TILL 15.30 sl time. A BIT OF MITOLOGY to explain it. 

.Cybele the great Anatolian goddess, creator of all the kingdoms of nature, had a son whom she named Atis. From the moment he was born, she was captivated by his beauty and grace, and there was nothing she did not do to achieve his happiness. As he grew older, from childhood to youth, his love deepened, and when he became virile, he appropriated it to become her lover. In addition, she named him a priest of her mysteries and she forced him to make a vow of absolute fidelity.

 Consequently, both lived locked in a paradisiacal and sealed world, in which nothing could spoil the perfection of the bond. But Atis could not stay away from the outside world forever, and one of his main pleasures was to wander the hills. One day, while resting under the branches of a huge pine, he looked up and saw a beautiful nymph; he fell in love with her instantly and possessed her.

 But nothing could be hidden from her mother Cibeles, and when she learned of the infidelity of her son-lover, she felt prey to terrible jealousy. She hitted Atis with frantic delirium, and he, in a fit of madness, castrated himself to make sure that he would never again break his vow of fidelity. When he recovered from his delirium he was mortally wounded and was bleeding to death in the arms of Cibeles under the pine where he had been lying with his beloved nymph. But, because Atis was god, his death was not final. Each spring, the young man is reborn for his mother and spends the rich and fruitful summer season with her. When winter arrives, when the sun reaches its lowest strength, it dies once more and the goddess of the earth cries, until finally the next spring arrives.

 For all of this ; We will celebrate 23th March our springtime tournament only for Alexandreia army and Egyptian army faction. we want all our members can join us and so prizes will be for our loyal warriors

 1500 L$ 1st

800 L$ 2nd

500 L$ 3rd

 And Alexandreia pharum trophy each one.

 Have a wonderful time hope see you all on Saturday with us.

 Url: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sun%20Isle/113/8/3454

 If you need information, you can contact via facebook Lucas LordLucas, Electra LeMagic or Misha Nandahar



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1533 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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