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Looking for Host/Dancer Job! ♥

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Hey there,

I've been hosting basically since I started SL (with breaks here and there throughout the years). 
I've worked at plenty of clubs/hangouts including Havoc, DV8, VooDoo, Consent, Exhale and many more.
Looking for somewhere new to work at as well! Usually around Thurs - Sun if I'm on (often a lot more on the weekend) when I'm not working.
Usually looking for late sets, such as 8PM+. I'm flexible though on some days. Always happy to do covers if you need someone and I'm around.

So yeah, I've been around a long time, hosted since pretty much my first week on SL, love to hang and chit chat with people.  Hit me up if you're hiring or wanna chat about it! 

Hit me up on here or preferably in world on everiynn Resident (aka Honeybear). Chat to you soon! 💕

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Hi Everlynn,

There is a new and very unique club on the block. DreamCatchers Club is hiring Host, Dancers, Singers, Djs, and Comedians. So, if you are interested in applying for Host/Dancer. Please do visit them at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamcatchers/124/63/26. The applications are near the entrance door. And the clubs opening on April 13th too. 

See you there :)

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