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Blake Sea Access Cottages

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Three parcels available. One is directly on protected water with a private dock and sunset views, the other two are directly behind it. All three come with access to a private group pier that allows you to rez a boat and sail directly to the Blake Sea. Bingo Straight is only three sims away leading to Nautilus and anywhere you want to sail on the Blake Sea.

I have placed and decorated a house on all three parcels, but if you prefer I can remove and you can add your own.


Details about the individual parcels:

1 - 2048 sqm 680 LI (171 currently used to decorate) Waterfront with a private dock - $990L/week


2 - 1536 sqm 500 LI (197 currently used to decorate) Waterfront access - $675L/week


3 - 1280 sqm 420 LI (146 currently used to decorate) Nice sunset views and access to group pier - $625L/week



Come take a look and let me know if you have any questions.






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Beautiful seaside setting perfect for boating enthusiast. Blake Sea access for any of the rentals on the property.

Four to choose from.

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