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I'm looking for a well known clothing artist(creator)/Store. For a small business proposition

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Right now I have 1 idea of a pair of men's board shorts that I think would probably sell really well (if your well known).  I know I can't design these myself as I am no aritst(I can make some good gestures tho),   and even if I did.. Noone would hear about them as I am a small Avi in a big world.

That is where you come in.  I give you the detailed idea.. you create, and sell them right out of your store, and hopefully let me put them up for sale as well in my small marketplace store(with a link to your store)   I was thinking we could split the profits if they start selling 40%(me) 60%(you) Negotiable


If anyone is interested please contact me in game via IM or just send me a notecard or something. 


Thank you for your time

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