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1/4 Full Bonus Region 7500 Prims for Just L$3750/week

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Special Land Sale at Isle of Torment!  (Adult Region)
A whole corner lot, that's 1/4 of the region has just become available at Isle of Torment 
We need to get this rented in a hurry, so it is being offered for Half Price! 
That's right, just 1/2 L$ per prim per week for this parcel only. 
The price will remain the same for as long as you continuously rent the parcel and pay the rent on time.

16384 sq M NW Corner (1/4 region) L$3750/week L$15000/month.

Because of this exceptionally low price, there is no discount for advance payment on this parcel, but I doubt that you will find a full bonus prim corner region anywhere in SL for a lower price. 
Limited Time Offer! If not rented by 1 May 2019, we will end the sale and sub-divide this into smaller lots, so act now!

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