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stardust Bishop

DJ's and hosts wanted! 100% Tips

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Are you looking for work as a host or a DJ? Need a kinky, ladies only atmosphere? 

Then come join our staff at The Leash. We are currently hiring DJs and Hosts. We are a simple yet elegant Lesbian, sensual D/s, outdoor venue.

Who are we?

The Leash promotes the exploration and discussion of Lesbian Sensual D/s, the House Mistress' favorite form of BDSM.  The Leash is a place for lesbian women to meet, explore, discuss and experience all aspects of D/s, specifically Sensual D/s, TPE and other aspects of Domination and submission, focusing on sensuality in all aspects of BDSM.

Why work for us?

1) We aim to have fun!
2) We have NO tolerance for drama!
3) We are open 24/7. When you work is up to you!
4) You will receive 100% of tips! Yes 100%. We want traffic, not your hard earned money!
5) No damn form to fill out!  Just IM the owner ;)


* Female hosts only.  This is a Lesbian club. Sorry guys! Thank you.  


Female, older then 5 days, fun-loving and talkative.  Able to start a party!  Good communicator, able to send inviting notices and hype an event.  Must be comfortable in a crowd.

DJ's :


You must have a variety of music. Must be willing to take requests. We do not have a specific genre that must be played. It is whatever you want to play.   If you are a man, please be respectful of our guests.  Also, please advise before visiting.  Otherwise our bot will boot you!  

Please come and join our family! 

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Melody Falls/206/136/35



Please contact the owner: Stardust Bishop inworld or through this post.


The Leash.png

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I am looking to DJ in SL.


I have years of internet experience and live DJing experience and some terrestrial radio experience. I play an assortment of music, usually sticking around what I call the "Four R's": Rock, Rap, Remixes, and Rave music.

You can check out some of my internet radio archives here.

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