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Sakis Bates

Snap Vertices On Mesh avatars help!!

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Hello everyone.I want to create parts(hands feets heads)for existing avatars on Second Life(semi mesh avatars).I wonder if there is any script or any way to auto snap vertices or edges of a mesh on the sl default avatar when that avatar wears the mesh part.Thank you.

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I'm no expect so I can't offer any specific advice or guides, but this process is called "rigging." Once you have created the 3D model, you can then download the SL mesh body model/skeleton from the wiki and then "attach" your model to any relevant "bones" of the SL skeleton. Some reading material:


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Posted (edited)

Long story short, if you want your mesh to seam match perfectly with an existing object, you will need to ensure the following:

  • Your mesh's vertices where it meet with the other model have to be placed exactly in the same spot. (or it will not match)
  • The rigging of each of those vertices, the influence they pick up from each bone of the skeleton has to be identical. (or it will tear open when animated)
  • The normal orientation of each vertex on that seam line has to match the normal orientation of the original piece. (or a line will be visible in the shading)

All those 3 are almost impossible unless you have an accurate copy of the existing mesh.

A ghetto solution is to build an object to "cover up" that seam, anything that follows the seam and hides the joining point on both sides will work (watch, bracelet, choker, ...) as long as the rigging is close enough to keep your cover up mesh over the seam at all times.

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