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Graphic cards for Laptop


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It should work, yes.  Today's integrated graphics are much better than those of previous years.  However, you'll still get better results with a desktop computer using a dedicated graphics card.  Also, the Nvidia GeForce cards (and laptop chips) tend to have fewer issues with SL, because they do a better job of supporting OpenGL (SL's graphics scheme) than AMD.  Having said that, there are a lot of people using Radeon graphics with no problems.

Buying ANY laptop for SL, I would ask the sales person if you could install SL and try it out, or if they have a return policy.  Don't get stuck with a machine that won't do what you bought it for!

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Reviews of the AMD Radeon™ Vega 6 Graphics  say it is for low end games. Somewhat equivalent to the HD Graphics 630 that Intel puts in their CPU's. So, below what is needed for SL. SL will likely run on such a machine, just not that well. So.... as Lindal says... try it before buying.

The combined CPU/GPU systems use system memory for their graphics memory, sharing memory for CPU and GPU tasks. That generally means you need more system RAM and that it is going to be slower than a video card/chip with dedicated memory, non-shared.


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