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Vellie Wasp

Firestrom Freezing and Media plugin failed?


this is the second time i log in this week to play second life on firestorm viewer. today seems have a big problem something i don't know how to fix  

List of events 

1 Media Plugin fail ( Media_plugin_Cef) after click to close

Log in and keep getting Program not responding in Task Manager

when finally  inworld keep getting freezing up every 10 to 15 second. cant click on any thing

force to close viewer by Task Manager


please i need help 

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Vellie, try this:

Remove your Firestorm installation and all associated files (except caches, log files, and backups).  Detailed instructions on doing a clean wipe and install are here: https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_clean_install

Next, disable your antivirus program(s) and close any other running programs.

Install Firestorm.  Do not click "yes" at the final prompt, "Run viewer now?"

Try starting the viewer from your desktop or start menu shortcut.

If it runs all right now, re-enable your antivirus program and white-list Firestorm.

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