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Second Life Viewer (64bit)

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I am using this viewer and before, I updated by downloading and updating from the Second Life Viewer page on the web.

Now it tells me that it has downloaded an updated viewer, when I log in world and asks if I want to update.

The problem is that twice, I have said yes to this and it installs the updated viewer, then, when I try to log again, it installs the viewer back to the version that I was already using, i.e. (64bit).

Is this a problem with the new viewer update system, recently introduced? I have noticed that the version I am using is the one still showing on the Second Life Viewers web page, for downloading.

Thank you.

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It's sort of a problem with the installer.

We went through a few changes in updater strategy over the last few months, partly to be able to protect users who still need 32bit viewers and partly for some other reasons. I think we've ended up at a good solution, but there were some problems with some of the intermediate steps.

I think that if you'll delete any shortcuts that you've been using to launch the viewer, and then reinstall one more time, you'll be ok from now on. (The problem is that the shortcut you're using is still pointing to a leftover component from an earlier version)

If that doesn't solve it, please zip up all the log files in your log directory and file a bug report on jira.

My apologies for the inconvenience.

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