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Shambolic Walkenberg

Custom Script Wanted (Part tip jar, part animation menu)

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I'll keep it PG, but basically I'm after a script that works as follows:


Group member (person A) sits on object, and in doing so is logged into tip jar/ payment system. A texture is changed on a specified face of an object. A light comes on (or candle lit).

Is also put into a specific animation.

Second person (person B) sits on object, and is put in a specific animation.

Person B then pays the object a set amount which purchases a set number of minutes.

A door slides open upon payment, and an animation menu with three (or more) choices is made available. Person A and person B can access and choose from this menu.

With 30 or 60 seconds to go person B is reminded their paid for period is about to end, and they should pay again if they wish to continue.

At the end of the paid for period Person A is placed back in their "waiting" position, and the door slides closed. Person B is either put into their waiting position or unseated.

When person A stands, a texture is changed on a specific face of an object, and the light goes out.


It would also be ideal to have two (or more) rlv features used (for those that have relays of course) when both person A and person B are sitting on the object.


I don't know how much of this is possible within one object/ script!

Please contact me in world if you think you know how to do this, or want to discuss the requirements more. Thanks!

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