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Wayward One Academy, seeking Students and Professors

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We offer classes and resources on a variety of subjects ranging from some traditional subjects to the more modern subjects like Supernatural History, Folklore and Urban Legend, Modern and Ancient Science, First Aid and Medical Training, Physical Education, Law and Government, Racial Relations, and biology, Alchemy, and much more.

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rogue Woods/189/46/1501

Specialized Courses-

Race, History, and Relations- The study of traditional and modern interactions between supernaturals and humans.

Local Law Enforcement- The study of the Laws of Rogue Woods.

Alchemy- The Study of how Modern Science and Magic interact in the *Laws of Paradox and Reality to create objects and substances of power. Req Course- Supernatural Biology.

Supernatural Biology- First Aid, and the study of racial biology in the Post Plague World.

Register as a Teacher and educate the community about the Post Plague World we live in today, or as a Student with your own ID and Housing Privileges, and learn under those who have an understanding of the world you may need.

Wayward One Academy is an 18+ Post High school alternative educational facility, privately funded, and operates as a not for profit organization within the City of Rogue Woods.


Contact Rhina Aniwahya ( lillithea Resident  ) or  Alivia  ( Alitthea Resident ) 

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