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Hello everyone. I currently decided to start a story line running through my childhood. 

I would like to know what your thoughts where on best child body/head/avatar is. As well as AOs, HAIR is a big issue, and where a child friendly community's are. 

Any information is welcomed. Please be kind and thank you in advance. 

(Edit: I am creating a male child avatar)

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The Tweenster avatar is a very good avi to use for children aged between 8-15. It is very popular, comes omega compatible out of the box and there are lots of clothes, skins, shapes and mesh heads that work well with it. The community is very nice and supportive too. 

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Hello Cam here is a list of locations, now its totally up to you what you choose of course..

Bodys:  CutebytesZoobys {Full Avatar},*oh Daisies* Children's Boutique, Razzberry Inc., ::random::, *Aura's* Little Girl Fashion, :>Inner Peace Mainstore<: [Girls, Boys & Jrs]

(Not sure if all these stores still open, or there also maybe new ones)

Heads: *TD* 

Shape: Use Bento Childs Shape

Skin: Lots of different stores, best off looking in Marketplace

Hair: Any non rigged hair you can use, as you can mod to your liking and size 

Ao: Oracul or can look on Marketplace also 

Hope this helps a bit, if needing other info try also googling Toddledoo, there are lots of great blogs with locations of where items are from :) Have fun


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