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19 minutes ago, TLuluciaaaS said:

Hey im a new player! I need help i want a job for have money but i dont know how? Someone can help me please!? 

Try the employment forums further down.


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First of all, you don't need money, at least not right away.  There are thousands of free items to find and enjoy.

Second, when you do decide you need money, by far the easiest way to get it is to register a credit card or a verified PayPal account and just buy some.  You can buy about $L2500 for ten bucks.

Most people won't hire a brand new resident; they want people who have been here a month or more and understand how SL works.  Most jobs pay only in tips, and even if you have a good night, you'll make way less than you could earn in one hour at some minimum wage RL job.

The real money in SL is made by content creators and people who own a lot of land and rent it out to others.  The first takes skill, and a lot of time and effort.  The second takes a very large capital investment.  Success in either requires some business sense and a large helping of luck.

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