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Garnet Psaltery

1/4 homestead L$1,750pw 1250 LI N.European/Canadian

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This quarter-homestead is available for residential use with a Moderate rating.  It offers 1,250 LI at L$1,750 per week, on 16,384 sqm.  Terraforming is permitted within a small range.  We have a Northern European/Canadian theme and ambience, with seasonal changes.

Light-hearted but enthusiastic roleplay in various genres is available on the main region Parte Tenebrosa on occasion, e.g. outer space, murder mystery, spies, vampires.  We also have movie nights and evenings in the pub.  We hope you'll join in with our community of intelligent folk from Britain, America, Greece, Canada, and Sweden, but we understand if you'd like to take your time, or prefer to stay solitary in your island retreat.

Please take a notecard for full information from the rental box indicated by a helpful large green arrow.

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Insula Tenebris/117/118/22


Insula Tenebris SW.jpg

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