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Lord Derryth

Can sims be rolled back?



I've noticed SL has brought some classic sims back entirely the way it was once many years ago.  Can sims be rolled back?  Someone went into a rage with the ability to return items and destroyed a full living Urban city I have created in full detail.  I can't begin to explain how difficult it is to put back stuff and restore to last location given the fact grouped items cannot be placed back into last location and copy items cannot as well.  Can LL do a rollback on a sim to bring it back to it's normal state?  Since it's a server we are on, one would imagine this can be done.

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You may request a rollback if you are the owner of a private region, but LL is very reluctant to roll back farther than 48 hours.  Even then, they will want some very specific reason to do it.  If you read the link that Lindal provided, you will see some of their major concerns about rollbacks.

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