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[COMMISSION] $$$ Script for HUD needed

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I need someone who can help me out with a custom script.

The HUD will look similar to the attached one.

Please PN me, if you are interested and are experienced in SL scripting.

I attached an example of another artist.
Until now there is no HUD concept from me, but I will make a similar one like the attached.

The features will be the same as you can see on the example HUD.
If you can consult me with more useful features, please tell me about them.

I'm NOT a script-maker and have no idea how much time it will take or how the cost will be.
Name your price and the time for making.
Please be realistic! ;)

Deadline is actually as soon as possible! :/

Make a list of all needs (graphics, inworld-"things", etc.) you will need from me.




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