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Sarxvo Saenz

Help with gap between hair base and beard

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I have been away from SL for a few years and have noticed quite a bit has changed. I am getting into using the mesh body and mesh heads and am having some difficulty in setting it up. While trying to personalize my avatar, I have come across an issue where my beard does not meet up with my hair base. Is there a way to fix this issue? The picture below shows what I am dealing with. This is what I have set up:

Catwa Victor head with LV Designs Brennan applier

Skin applier is Lure: Ethan - Cedar

The hair is Modulus - Pete.

I have cleared the hair base in the Catwa hair/beard hud and used the main hud to tint the hair base. 

Any and all help is appreciated!!

Jagger Beard Gap_001.png

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My only thought is that there are alpha channels overlapping?  I see that sometimes. If both hairbase and beard have alpha channels and parts of each take up the same space on the avatar there could be an overlap.   My only suggestion would be to try another hairbase applier (you could try another beard also but personally I think the beard is much better made than the hairbase :D hence my suggestion).  You can get free hairbases for testing at EMO-tions on the group gift wall (free group).  

By testing you should be able to see if the "missing" part of the appliers increases or decreases. You might also have other hairbases and don't need to pick up new ones :D.

IF this is the problem and you can't find a hairbase that doesn't overlap (all depends on how they are made) then getting some hair that covers up where that seam sets is most likely your best option.

Good luck. Hopefully some folks that are more familiar with your brands will chime in here.

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Posted (edited)

I am thinking that the hairbase is a very solid one, a hairbase that is shaven or that tones out down to the whiskers may be better. Modulus sell hairbases for their hairs. Are you using it, or the default Catwa hairbase? All Modulus hairbases has demos, so you can check if they look good before you buy.

It can be that the beard (or the hairbase) need to use more than the one slot.Try to turn the blush on and off, and make sure you try both upper and lower layer. The slots does not overlap, it is like you draw lines across the head, and any thing that applies to the face and is painted so it crosses over a line, need to use another slot.

The blush part cover the whole face like a mask, and is often used to bridge gaps.


Maybe I explain too bad. I need coffee in my end of the world.

All who have a Catwa head, girls and guys, can get help from Skell Daggers tutorial. http://www.virtualbloke.com/archives/2830

And it is an inworld group called Catwa Head Friends you can ask for help in.


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That's one of the default Catwa hairbases, and - because of the colour difference and its overall solidity in shading - it's not going to work very well with that facial hair (which is maybe either Mister Razzor or Volkstone?)

I'm actually going to suggest that you make another purchase, if possible. You can either pick up the Modulus hairbase, as Marianne suggested, or go to the Stealthic store and pick up one of their two hairbases. Both options will match to your particular facial hair better than the Catwa hairbase will. Not sure on the Modulus hairbase (since I never use that one) but the Stealthic one will apply white, so use this video tutorial to tint it a darker colour to match your hair. (It's for tinting eyebrows, but the principle is the same. Click the left side of the hairbase icon to tint that; it's the one on the bottom-right of that set of icons.)

The next thing you need to do is get to grips with layering. Your Victor head has two layers: upper and lower. It also has multiple areas, which are each on both of those layers, so you have things like: upper hairbase, lower hairbase, upper blush, lower blush, etc. What tends to happen with most full facial hair is that it needs to take up multiple areas of your head:

  • blush (the cheeks section of the beard)
  • lips (the moustache section around the mouth, plus any upper chin facial hair such as a soul patch that touches the lower lip)
  • the hairbase (the sideburns section of the beard)

The reason why that gap appears is that the sideburns area of your hairbase wants the same part of your head as the sideburns area of your beard. And, by default, all appliers - when applied from their own HUD - will go on the lower layer of your head. To fix this, so you can layer them properly and get rid of that gap - you need to save the appliers to the Catwa Master HUD, and use that HUD to apply them to the upper layer of your head.

You'll need to be wearing the following HUDs:

  • Catwa Master HUD M
  • Your hairbase's applier HUD
  • Your facial hair's applier HUD

That's going to take up a bit of screen real estate, so move them around until you can see what you're doing. Once they're all on, follow these instructions exactly:

  1. Go into the Hairbase, Blush, and Lips sections of the Catwa Master HUD, and - ensuring that you have the Lower button checked at the top of each of those, click the Clear button. This should remove your hairbase and facial hair entirely.
  2. Click your facial hair applier to apply it.
  3. Go back to the Catwa Master HUD, and into the Hairbase section. Make sure that you still have the Lower button checked/ticked at the top of that section. Look for a save square in the Hairbase section that has the word 'empty' in it, and click the black 'Save' button under it. (You might see something appear in the save square - such as a logo or icon or a bit of shading - or the word 'empty' might just disappear.)
  4. Now click your hairbase applier to apply it. You'll probably notice that cut-off sideburns line appear on your facial hair, as shown in your image, because both the hairbase and beard can't occupy that same section of the head's Lower layer at the same time.
  5. Go back to the Catwa Master HUD and into the Hairbase section where you saved the bit of facial hair. This time check/tick the Upper button at the top. This will let your head know that you now want to apply the next item to the upper layer instead of the default lower layer.
  6. Click the save square (not the black 'save' button) that you saved the bit of hairbase to earlier. It will apply to the upper layer, and fill in that gap.

What you'll now have is the following:

  • Your beard on the Lower layer in the Blush and Lips areas
  • Your hairbase on the Lower layer in the Hairbase area
  • A small section of your beard's sideburns on the Upper layer in the Hairbase area

Points to note: if any of the hair looks faded, check the Blend slider in that section of the Master HUD. It should be all the way across to the left. If it's not, pull it across to the left, and the layer should render fully.

If you have any other questions, as Marianne mentioned, check out the tutorial on my blog that she's linked to. You can also join the Catwa Head Friends group inworld and ask questions there. My fellow Catwa CSRs will be happy to help you, either in group, in IM, or in person if they're available to do so.

(Apologies in advance for any typos; I'm hammering this out while scarfing down breakfast before I leg it out the door to go to work!)

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