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There are some incredible places with flower gardens. I want a photo of my avatar lying amid the flowers.  With the view from top down.  I've tried for a week to figure this out but cant seem to find anything.  Is it possible? And how? Thanks for any help with this

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It's up to you to find the flower garden and pose that makes you lay down in it. But once you've done that, ALt-Click on yourself then use your keyboard to control camera positioning:

Alt+W or Alt+ Zoom in
Alt+S or Alt+ Zoom out
Alt+A or Alt+ or Ctrl+Alt+ Orbit clockwise
Alt+D or Alt+ or Ctrl+Alt+ Orbit anticlockwise
Alt+E or Alt+PgUp or Ctrl+Alt+ Orbit forward
Alt+C or Alt+PgDown or Ctrl+Alt+ Orbit back
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+W or Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+ Pan up
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+S or Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+ Pan down
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+A or Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+ Pan left
Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+D or Ctrl+Alt+Shift ⇧+ Pan right
Esc Reset camera position and focus
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