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Emory Haven, Oregon - Modern Fantasy Sim to Reopen With fresh changes and we need others to share their experience with us.

The SL experience of Emory Haven is reopening as a scenic modern fantasy setting and we're doing things a little differently. Magic still exists in secret and we are poised to offer a RP-friendly town that is a relaxed, freeform type of sim focused on the community and joys of SL living. 

Our more in-depth immersive elements are still being developed and will resume in our upcoming optional companion site to be launched in the near future (more on that as it unfolds). EHSL will provide a beautiful backdrop for residents to live and play in a freeform environment rich with potential and opportunity in a residential setting.

Same stunning setting, same love of telling stories with a fresh experience to call home. 
We are seeking staff, leaders, and residents to join us.  


New Landing Area so you can go look and see: 

But here is why we're in the forums today; we need staff and leaders to help us create an active and thriving community that is unique and fun to play in. 

Seeking Staff and Leaders
     Rental Team Members
     Activity & Events Director
     Activity Team Members
     Outreach & Marketing
     General Sim Staff
     Newspaper Editor
     Business Owners
     Municipal Services Leaders & Staff
     - Hospital
     - Fire
     - Police
     - Animal Services Department
     - Human Services Department (Adoptions & Social Services)
     - School
     - Library
     - Recreation Leaders (Sports, etc)
     - Legal
     - Workforce Commission
     - etc.


I don't have a ton of experience with providing working emergency services and could use some knowledgeable people to help us get those things set up to their best potential in our little town. I'm open to ideas and suggestions from staff and residents. We've taken our thickly immersive experience to a companion site to be launched in a text-focused platform so Second Life is a relaxed diorama backdrop of our RP and is considerably more freeform and relaxed than it was previously. 

For the best chance of response, please message me in world. bronwyn.breen

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