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I've just started selling my wares in Second Life and am still learning about the marketplace. I had an item not import properly from my inventory. It produced a blank listing with nothing attached to it (no product). I have tried deleting this several times since. It claims to have done this, but as you can see from my screenshot, it has not.

Is there any way to get  rid of this ghost listing for good? Halp!


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This issue can be corrected by editing the listing and manually filling in the Item Title required field.

Here are the steps for editing the listing.

Log into the Second Life Marketplace web site using a stand alone web browser like Firefox or Chrome.

Click on the My Marketplace link at the top of the web page.
Choose Merchant home from the drop down options.

Once you are on your Marketplace Merchant home page:

Click on the Manage Listings link in the menu on the left.
Locate the entry with the blank Listing Name and click on Actions - Edit

Once you are on the Edit Listings Page, locate the * Item title: field and fill in the name of the item.

If there is no information identifying the item, you can enter the term Delete instead.

After entering a Item Title, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Update button.
After the system updates the listing you will be returned to the Manage Listings page where you can locate the entry that was just edited.

You can now delete the entry by clicking on the Actions - Delete option.

Does that fix the problem?

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