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Deanonymization because of copyright, whats next?

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Hi all, About an year ago LL changed rules and now they require to know person's real name to just allow him\her upload a mesh. What is next? There are laws that punish for certain expressions in

You agreed to the TOS when you joined SL.  This part of it hasn't changed in all the time I have been in SL. It's probably been there for 16 years now: 4.1 You must establish an account to use ce

How many times are you going to post the same thing, especially within 24 hours? You do realize some of us were awake for your last post, right? A-It was WELL over  year ago, over 5 even, that th

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6 hours ago, animats said:

US law does not require that. Historically, this is because the Federalist Papers were written under pseudonyms. Most of the authors of the Federalist Papers were involved in drafting the US Constitution.

Whether private companies can and should require it is a current political issue. Mostly because of Facebook. Partly because of large-scale trolling from political groups and nations. Sometimes because of people posting hostile code on Github. SL, not so much.

Anonymous SPEECH is one thing, animats.  Anonymity in your financial transactions is something entirely other.  LL requires your real identity for the following reasons:

  • In order to allow the owners of intellectual property to enforce their copyright against you, should you use their IP without permission
  • In order to comply with IRS regulations (the IRS wants to be able to tax income you take out of SL)
  • In order to comply with law enforcement agencies, when presented with a warrant that requires they...well, rat you out.  In full accordance with the law, of course.
  • And of course PayPal, and your bank, need your RL information too.  They don't provide it to LL, though.  Which is why LL asks you to provide it.
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13 hours ago, SugarBaby2000 said:

And once and for all - In my very first post I told this game rules are unacceptable for me and I leave. And explained why. 

I think it is useless to continue this discussion. Stay here and enjoy slavery... game or whatever. I do not care!

Lets see how long sl will last.

This is like an alternate reality Prok in a pink negligee :SwingingFriends:

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 570 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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